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What Is The Hubspot Agency Partner Program?

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As a HubSpot Consultant and Demand Gen Specialist, I'm often talking to prospects about the agency I work for and what makes us unique. We believe it comes down to three things: being valuable resources, efficient trouble-shooters, and workers with heart. With that said, we also pride ourselves in being technical experts and highly-tiered in the HubSpot Agency Partner Program.

So what does that mean? 

In this blog, learn what the HubSpot Agency Partner Program is all about and why it's important. 

What Is The HubSpot Agency Partner Program?

Solutions Partner Program_HubSpot Agency Partner Program

The HubSpot Agency Partner Program was recently renamed to the Solutions Partner Program and comprises of agencies and other service providers from around the world that want to become experts in all things HubSpot. This includes:

The global community then transforms agencies and service providers into what HubSpot calls a 'ready-for-anything' partner that achieves growth for their customers by putting them first and enabling them to offer a wide variety of sophisticated solutions centered around improving the customer experience.


Who Is This Program For?

agency_hubspot agency partner program

The Solutions Partner Program was developed for agencies, service providers and resellers with a customer-centric mind-set that want to continually learn, grow and become experts in HubSpot's technology. The types of businesses that do well in this program provide:

  • Strategy. Consulting on business, technology, sales, marketing, or customer service
  • Implementation. Handling the technical set up and configuration, CRM, systems integrations, or IT services
  • Training. Hands-on support services in marketing, sales, or customer service


What Are The Program Options?

pricing_hubspot agency partner program

They are two basic packages that are available in the HubSpot Agency Partner Program. 

  • $50 per month
    • 20% revenue share (one year of commission)
    • Self-serve enablement resources
    • HubSpot Solutions Directory listing with service provider badge
    • Access to training & certifications

  • $300 per month
    • 20% revenue share (lifetime commission)
    • Waive onboarding fees for your clients (up to $6,000 value per client)
    • Dedicated point of contact for sales support
    • Dedicated point of contact for business strategy and implementation support
    • Access to partner-level certifications and credentials
    • HubSpot Solutions Directory listing with more visibility in search results
    • Chance to earn additional benefits as your business grows through the program

HubSpot Agency Partner Program Recap

passion_hubspot agency partner program

There are 3 basic benefits for anyone that wants to join the HubSpot Agency Partner Program. These include:

  • Business growth
  • Education
  • Joining an expert community 

New Avenues For Business Growth

  • Technical and business support from HubSpot's world class team
  • Team up with a Channel Consultant and Channel Account Manager from HubSpot that can help you with onboarding, implementation, sales, growth strategy, and pricing and packaging current and new services
  • Waive HubSpot onboarding fees for your clients
  • Get access to 300+ integrations that extend service offerings 
  • Get more visibility in the HubSpot Solutions Directory
  • Earn additional benefits based on success you’ve achieved for your clients using HubSpot

Education To Grow Your Skillset

  • Get access to exclusive team and individual trainings and certifications
  • Apply to participate in bootcamps on various topics like pipeline generation, account management, and sales 
  • Receive feedback and coaching on sales techniques, processes, and pipeline development

Community Of Growth-Minded People

  • Join a global community of like-minded professionals that can help you grow and meet referral partners
  • Enjoy exclusive access to partner-specific events 
  • Get access to the Partner Resource Center that can help you service your clients and grow your business



That’s it for our recap on 'What Is The Hubspot Agency Partner Program.' Want to learn more about HubSpot Agency? If you found this article helpful, you may also enjoy: 

If you are a HubSpot user and want to master the platform, feel free to contact us with any questions and book a Free Chat with one of our HubSpot experts. 


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