What Is A Hubspot Certified Partner?

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In the marketing industry, the name HubSpot stands out among the crowd. It is one of the leading marketing, sales and service hub platforms to capture leads and take them through the buyer’s journey. 

While anyone can buy HubSpot, it takes a talented group of people to fully maximize the platform's technical features. If you’re a newbie to HubSpot but don’t think you’re utilizing the software to its fullest extent, it may help to team up with a HubSpot Certified Partner to do the technical work.

What is a HubSpot Certified Partner? 

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HubSpot aligns with agencies who are experts at their craft and works with them to become a successful HubSpot Certified Partner (this recently changed to Solutions Partner).

The agencies all work within the HubSpot platform in various degrees, using the inbound methodology and providing tailored client solutions. 

Everyone starts in the tier as Partner (1), and based on a set of criteria from HubSpot, will work their way to Elite (5). The metrics are a combination of factors from:

  • Monthly recurring revenue
  • Successful account management
  • Clients brought to HubSpot
*Chief Martech Officer is currently ranked as a Platinum Partner (3).   

How Do You Become Certified? 

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HubSpot has an incredible wealth of free knowledge at HubSpot Academy, but those looking to become a HubSpot Certified Partner must pass the Agency Partner Certification.

This special course is designed to teach you the four pillars of the agency framework:

  • Market
  • Sell
  • Deliver
  • Grow
It is a way to learn what has worked for other successful agencies and how to create a framework that is unique to your agency. 

In addition to the Agency Partner Certification, to become a trusted resource that stands out, most agencies require their team to get some or all of the certifications provided by HubSpot. This enables the team to become true masters of the platform, by first gaining the technical knowledge, then using it day-to-day for clients.

*Part of our standards at Chief Martech Officer is that our entire team attains every certification!

That means instead of a division of knowledge between marketing/sales/operations, our team is gaining the skills within every aspect of the platform. This allows us to problem-solve for our clients using an expert-level set of skills. 

To Wrap Up...

  • HubSpot Certified Partners are agencies that have met specific criteria from HubSpot to successfully service and manage clients using the platform.
  • Partners are ranked based on their managed revenue, number of clients they bring to HubSpot, software engagement and overall success in inbound marketing.
  • Partners are required to acquire the Agency Partner Certification, also, many agencies require employees to have some or all of the HubSpot certifications. 
  • Clients can review the agencies which allow potential new clients to compare which agency will best meet their needs within their budget. 



That’s it for our recap on 'What Is A Hubspot Certified Partner.' Want to learn more about HubSpot Agency? If you found this article helpful, you may also enjoy: 

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