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Chief Martech Officer Is Now Remotish


We’re big Simon Sinek fans over here at Remotish (previously Chief Martech Officer). His principles from Start With Why have become so ingrained in business culture that most everyone knows what we’re talking about when we ask “What is your Why?

golden circle remotish

If you’re not familiar with the idea of Why it’s basically this:

1. Sinek created the Golden Circle as a model for how a business should operate. The Why, the company’s reason for being, is at the center. The How and What are outgrowths of that.

    • The Why is a company’s reason for being; its purpose. (e.g., Apple wanting to challenge the status quo)
    • The How refers to the processes take to realize the Why (e.g., Apple creating beautifully designed and easy-to-use technology)
    • The What refers to what a company does (e.g., Apple sell technology).

2. The Golden Circle is a reflection of the human brain. We don't really make our decisions from the neocortex, or the "rational" part of our brain. We tend to operate from the deeper, older part of our brain -- the intuitive limbic brain. Like the Why is at the center of the Golden Circle, our limbic system is at the center of our brains. This is why it is such a critical component when it comes to branding and business.

3. You need the WHY HOW and WHAT to succeed. Simon points out that as companies grow, they can become focused on the HOW/WHAT at the expense of the WHY...which is why a lot of them lose their spark. Keeping the WHY alive has to be a conscious choice.

At Remotish, we’ve always had the same unusual Why, but it wasn’t very visible: Remotish exists because we believe remote work creates happier employees; happier employees do better work; and better work makes happier clients.

We love the freedom and flexibility of remote work (we loved it before COVID normalized remote work).

And when we decided to pivot from being a purely maretech agency to a revops agency (with a greater emphasis on technology and process consulting), we knew the name had to change.

We could have opted for something related to revops, but we felt as though this was the perfect opportunity to speak more to our Why.

So, we changed our name from Chief Martech Officer (which was our How) to Remotish (a testament to our Why).

We’re really enjoying working as a revops team for B2B HubSpot clients, but what’s really wonderful is that even if we choose to pivot again, the name will still fit.

Since our company name now stems from our Why, we may never have to brand: We will always be Remotish.

Our wise and benevolent leader, Nicole Pereira, said it best!


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