January Product Updates

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January was a small month for updates, but a great month for the HubSpot CMS. We got all kinds of shiny new upgrades including themes, apps, and another option for blog importing. 


New Themes! 

Whereas templates require users to rely on developers, Themes allows non-coders to build websites using a WYSIWYG editor. At the end of last year, HubSpot hosted a hackathon where over 400+ contestants signed up to create Themes for this new aspect of HubSpot. About 40 made it over the finish line…a few got prizes...and Remotish took home first place for most technically optimized theme ;-) But shameless plug aside, there are now over 50 new themes in the asset marketplace. 

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If you haven’t already, it’s a good idea to consider changing from a templated website to a new Themed website as HubSpot fades the old model out. For more information, you know who to get in touch with! 

Those with Marketing Hub Pro and Enterprise can use themes to build new landing pages. CMS Hub Pro and Enterprise can use themes to build out their entire website (and it makes your marketers’ lives so much easier). 

New Ways to APPreciate the CMS 

If you pop into the HubSpot Marketplace, you’ll find a host of new apps for your CMS Hub. All of these are geared toward lessening the reliance on developers. So your marketer and web peoples can have a field day and never touch a single line of code. HubSpot has historically been an excellent choice for SaaS companies and B2B, and in deciding to try and expand beyond that, they’re introducing everything from ecommerce carts to dynamic real estate listings. 


  • Boldstack. Is HubDB a pain in your [body part of choice]? It has this amazing ability to store a whole lot of data and display it on your website...but anyone who’s worked in it knows that editing a HubDB can be frustrating. If that rings a bell, Boldstack may be your new best friend. You can easily create a table via a user-friendly interface. Add filter. Add resources. Populate it with the appropriate information. BAM. Easily manage, sort, and edit your resources from a clean interface -- and then push it to HubDB.
  • Campaign Warrior. Connect Campaign Warrior to HubSpot via oAuth and you’ll quickly be able to build a list of your website pages to give you an eagle’s eye overview of your website and subdomains. From there, you can use this list to search, audit, tag, and master all the content on your website. Campaign Warrior can even help you boost SEO by dynamically serving up topic clusters to web pages.
  • Checkout HQ. Need turn-key quoting or checkout flow? This is the app you’ve been waiting for. Checkout HQ allows you to pull your assets (products) into a searchable library template. You can customize the style of your checkout form and accept stripe payments. In just a few clicks you’ll be ready to start taking orders.

  • eZo Commerce. eZo is the quick and easy way to set up an online store within the HubSpot CMS...without a developer. It’s as simple as connecting the app to your HubSpot portal, build a beautiful webstore using one of eZos complimentary themes, customize your checkout, add products and you’re ready to go. It’s a great option for both digital and physical products. eZo comes in three plans: Starter, Pro, and Premium (which allows you to sell subscriptions -- relevant for our SaaS clients!)  

  • FindIt. An application that helps you build a search feature without a developer. That means you can easily create a HubDB table for products, locations, people, or anything else. You can also add a filter and search module to any pages connected to the table. Easily customize this module to fit into your website’s branding.
  • HubLMS. As with the rest of these apps, HubLMS liberates you from needing to bring on a developer. This app is specifically geared toward creating online courses and learning content. If you need to create learning paths for new employees, create customer onboarding courses, or level up your marketing by creating content with a high-perceived value, this is an app worth looking into. 

  • RealCity. This Enterprise-only app is for the Real Estate professionals. Adds an MLS custom object to your portal in a few clicks (all 290+ properties from yard size and bedrooms). It all lives in HubSpot. With RealCity Plus, you can elegantly display listing with premade CMS themes. 


Import Blogs from Any CMS 

Migrations can be a pain. We know, we know. That’s why people pay us to do it for them. That being said, HubSpot is always innovating new ways to improve the process of migration and this month they made it so that you can easily import blogs into HubSpot from ANY CMS. 

The new Smart Copy tool allows you to scrape your old blog, identify the different elements to import -- such as the content, author, title, publish date, and so forth -- and easily pull it onto the HubSpot platform. If you want to try it out right this second (why not?) here’s what you do: 

  • Go to your settings cog in the right hand corner of the portal 
  • In the left hand column, scroll all the way down and select Website >> blog 
  • Hit that Import blog button 
  • Click the Import new blog button 
  • Select Smart Copy and click Next

HubSpot will walk you through the next couple of steps, and then, like magic, you’ll have imported blogs with ease. Please note, however, that this isn’t the best import option for every blog. The HTML/CSS needs to be set up in a way that HubSpot can identify distinct sections. Otherwise sections won’t be imported. 

**Available for Marketing Hub & CMS Pro/Enterprise customers. 


That’s it for January updates. Thank you for tuning in. If you’d like to check out past updates, you can review our little archive here: 

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