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What are the Products and Quotes tools in HubSpot and How to use them

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Is your company struggling with data management? You're not alone. Many companies need help with data quality and alignment across departments. When there is a misalignment in how data is structured and interacting with other your systems, it's difficult to use your data for strategy, reporting, and daily activities. These inefficiencies have significant cost and time consequences. That's where a Data Dictionary comes in. 

Some of what you include in your data dictionary might seem like common sense, but it is only "common" once it is documented somewhere - like your data dictionary!

We regularly build data dictionaries for clients, and have implemented several improvements to our own document over time. Let's explore what a data dictionary is, how to begin to build one, and how frequently they should be updated.

What is the Products tool?



Relation to other Objects in HubSpot


What is the Quotes tool?



Relation to other Objects in HubSpot


Common Use Cases for Products and Quotes in HubSpot


Common Use Cases for Products


Common Use Cases for Quotes 


How to set up Products in HubSpot


How to Set up Quotes in HubSpot


In Summary


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