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How to Associate HubSpot Contacts and Deals Using the Company Record

Associate HubSpot Contacts and Deals

Do you have HubSpot Deals that have a Company, but no associated Contacts?

➡️ Or, you want to make sure key decision makers are always associated to Deals?

➡️ Or, you want all Contacts from a Company associated to a Deal?

In any of these cases, a combination of the application Associ8 and association labels will get you where you want to go. (Without having to go through your records manually!)

Check out the video demo for this process, proactive solutions, and a reminder to name your workflows with the action they actually perform 🤦‍♀️






Hi LinkedIn, it's Camille Balhorn from Remotish agency and today I want to discuss a common use case I've heard about recently that actually has a pretty simple solution in HubSpot. And that would be when a Company is associated to a Deal, but the Company's associated Contacts are not connected to that Deal. So right now we're on a dummy record of the FBI. We have these two Contacts here, but if we click into one of these Deals, we'll see that we do not have any Contacts associated. So, first we're gonna go over how to address this reactively, and then we'll look at some proactive solutions as well. So first, right, we wanna be able to associate those Contacts to that Deal without having to go through this process manually, right? That would be very time intensive, but we can do it automatically through the power of HubSpot workflows. So first what we're gonna do is associate the Company to the Deal or associate Company information to the Deal. So this is poorly named, and that's on, that's on me, that's on naming workflows. 

That's the property name of this workflow. So first we're just calling out all Companies that have associated Deals. So it could be calling out a specific pipeline, calling out another specific property that most Deals would have, kind of that catch-all property. Say, Hey, you know what? Companies have associated Deals that we'll wanna catch in this. And then the main action for this is copying over the Company record ID, right? So a native property, this is a unique identifier for that Company in HubSpot. We're gonna copy that information over to the Deal object. If you use association labels, you can specify that here. And then we're gonna make a custom property on the Deal record, simply named Company record ID, right? So we're saying now all of those Deals have that Company record ID information on that object. So it's on both objects. Now, they're already associated. 

We're able to copy that over that information is set. Now we're gonna go ahead and associate those Contacts to the Deal using the application Associ8. So Associ8 is able to help you associate objects within HubSpot using a shared property or shared value between the two objects. So here our triggers are, you know, maybe the Deal stage is none of Closed Lost, and a Deal is associated to the Company. And here was just for my, for my testing. But basically we just wanna make sure that the Deal is in fact associated to a Company so we don't get any errors on that workflow. So catch all is the Deal associated to a Company. And then we're gonna come through with this associate action. So we're in a Deal workflow, we're targeting that associated object type of Contact. Contacts have a native property of Primary Associated Company ID. 


So we didn't have to make a custom property on that side, but if for whatever reason you couldn't use a record ID, you know, you could do the same process. So as long as that Company record is pushing information to both the Contact and the Deal that will be identical as well as unique to each cluster, this process would work. What's the most basic version? We're using that Primary Associated Company ID native to the Contact record. We're matching it with the Company record ID that we just gave the Deal from the Company. Again, association labels if you want it. But then Associ8 will go through and look at all the Contacts that have the same Company record ID as the Deals match them up. And there you go. You now have associations between those Contacts and Deals without having to go through that manual process. 

So granted, this process is not for everyone. I know some folks like to keep Deal records pretty tidy and that it's just one or two Contacts that you're actually in communication with that are associated to that Deal. Great. If this is your process of having all Contacts from that Company associated to the Deal, you now have that as well. And again, just to call out on those association labels, if you want to dial that in further association labels would definitely be your friend here. 

So now let's look at some proactive options for this, right? So if we don't have Contacts associated to a Deal from the get-go or companies associated from the get-go, this is a sales enablement and process issue. So we're on the Deals page. If we go ahead and create Deal, you have the option to require sales reps or whoever's creating Deals to immediately associate a Contact while they're filling this out. 

So you'll see that these currently aren't required, but if we did go through and add all of our Deal information, we have Contact, you know, we have to add in Nora Jones, whoever that is, and maybe she works at this Company, right? We can require these actions. And so a Contact and a Company is always associated to a Deal right when they come in. So that's item number one.

Item number two would be when you are in a workflow. So let's say, you know, we're in a different Company workflow, if you are creating automated Deals, you can be ensuring that a Contact always gets associated to a Deal this way as well. So for example, we're creating this Deal, we're filling in all of its information in this workflow action. We have that option of associate Deal with Contacts associated to the enrolled Company. So in theory, if all of your Contacts, as they should be with HubSpot native settings, if all of your Contacts are associated to that Company, you can make sure that all those Contacts are also associated to this new Deal creation as well. Again, if that's your prerogative. 

Let me know if you've played with around with this functionality at all or any variations that you've found, but wanted to pop on here and discuss this relatively simple solution. Thanks guys.

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