If you love solving problems & developing new ways of doing things...

You might be a Strategy Manager!

What You'll Be

HubSpot Strategy Managers are strategy experts, who develop the services we offer and the skills the team needs to deliver on those services. In addition you will be consulting with our clients to define their individual strategic plans and Strategy Managers are our on-staff expert HubSpot platform trainer.

You will be working with a HubSpot Client Services Manager, who will be directly responsible for operations of the client services department.

If you love the feeling of guided freedom, the ability to learn and devise things on your own but have the support of those who have done it before, this job is for you.

What You'll Get

  • Remote working 
  • Flexible hours
  • Tech Reimbursement
  • Education Budget
  • Health, Dental, Vision
  • 401k
  • Loads of Mentorship

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What You'll Need







  • 4-5 years experience in a technology marketing, sales, or service role. Experience is needed in all three roles. As a revenue operations agency, we need to be knowledgeable about how all of these teams work.
  • 3-5 years actively using the HubSpot platform
  • 3-5 years of project management experience
  • 3-5 years of direct client interaction
  • 3-5 years of experience training HubSpot Users with varying skill levels (clients and internal team members)
  • 3-5 years directly consulting with HubSpot Users in order to solve unique challenges
  • 2-3 years experience of managing a team
  • 3-5 years of budgeting and resource planning experience, including project scoping and developing quotes & estimates
  • Expert level of understanding of HubSpot and its many parts
  • Business consulting experience
  • Highly experienced in developing new strategies and approaches to RevOps as it pertains to deployment in HubSpot
  • Resourceful troubleshooter with a high technical understanding of marketing, sales, and service tools (SEO, CRO, Information Architecture, Sales & Marketing Automation, Website Migrations, etc.). Able to answer very specific, technical questions on phone calls with clients.
  • Able to direct and train support team members to deploy on your strategies
  • Skilled in product/service package development & documentation
  • Able to measure the results of your strategies
  • Highly disciplined/organized and able to segment your time and focus in order to hit deadlines
  • Comfortable working with minimal supervision

What You'll Do

  • Technology
    • Advise and strategize the creation of web pages, landing pages, emails, templates, forms, workflows, contacts, integrations, settings... in HubSpot
    • Troubleshoot difficult issues
    • Consult with and train clients on HubSpot best practices
  • Strategy
    • Devise the best strategic approach to achieve client process goals within the HubSpot platform
    • Work directly with clients to discover pain points and match strategies to solve them
    • Develop new strategies and methodologies to offer our clients. Work with the Client Services Manager to train the Remotish team on these strategies.
    • Help other Remotish client services team members to answer strategic questions and advise on all projects
  • Client Management
    • Prompt client communication
    • Co-leading client meetings
    • Understanding and addressing client concerns
    • Acting as an escalation point for clients
    • Onboard all new accounts
  • Project Management
    • Monitor your clients' strategic projects
    • Develop scope and estimates of time
  • Leadership
    • Participate in regular team connect calls
    • Have monthly one-on-one meetings with the Remotish specialists & strategists to mentor and guide them
  • Communication
    • Remain communicative and available with team and clients via Slack, email, text, conference call and smoke signals during reasonable hours
  • Internal Marketing & Sales
    • Contribute to company marketing (blog, social, SEO...)
    • Assist in the sales process when needed
  • Education
    • Complete & Maintain ALL HubSpot Certifications within 2 months
    • Attend in-person and virtual educational events


The "Nice But Not Required" List

  • You might have better than average design skills (or design directing skills)
  • In a past life, you may have been known to code
  • You are well-versed in IT troubleshooting for various issues outside of HubSpot
  • You have an excellent understanding of overall business strategy, especially as it relates to SaaS businesses

"Join a team where you work to live and not live to work!"

Nicole Pereira CEO