HubSpot Monthly RevOps Program

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Whether you’re fresh out of our onboarding program or a grizzled HubSpot veteran, you should look to improve your HubSpot system over time. We offer a monthly engagement program designed to keep your continued development progressing while ensuring your portal is squeaky clean and always humming.

Monthly RevOps Program Pricing Calculator

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RevOps Program

  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Dedicated HubSpot Strategist
  • Weekly progress meetings
  • Working sessions
  • 10 hours implementation support or production requests
  • Quarterly systems audit

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Implementation ($1000)

  • 5 Additional Implementation Hours

Maintenance ($1400)

  • Monthly System Checks
  • CRM Record Deduplication
  • Associate Records
  • Resolve Workflow Sync Errors
  • Workflow Cleanup & Foldering
  • Resolve CRM Integration Sync Errors
  • Resolve HubSpot Hosted SEO Errors

Enablement ($1400)

  • System User Management & Permissions
  • Internal Knowledgebase Development
  • Role-Based Training/Onboarding
  • Custom Trainings

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Always Included

Every plan comes with these perks
  • No Contracts
  • Month to Month
  • Technical Consulting

Frequently Asked Questions

You Ask, We Answer!
What is the typical amount of implementation hours used per month?

It can vary based on the development needs you have but typically we are around 15-20 hours of implementation work a month with each client.

When do I need the maintenance add-on?

We find that when there is a constant need to ensure that your data hygiene is in tip-top shape, you will benefit from our maintenance add-on.

When do I need the enablement add-on?

If your company doesn't have a dedicated HubSpot Administrator to support all the changes in personnel and team training, you will benefit from the enablement add-on.