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Advanced Onboarding with Technical Consulting
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Why Advanced Onboarding ?

When standard onboarding just isn't enough

HubSpot's standard Pro and Enterprise Onboarding only consists of 4-5 weekly calls to guide you on doing your own work. The Remotish advanced onboarding (LaunchPad Program) includes technical consulting as well as a baseline of implementation to take the basic lift of set up off of you.

  • Discover the full capabilities of HubSpot (the things you didn't know you just bought).
  • Let us set-up the core system so you can get started faster than on your own.
  • Receive live technical consulting to help you validate various future use cases.
  • Train and onboard your team with a custom training plan.
  • Develop a hit list of future things to launch.

The Process

A 30-90 Day Minimum Viable Product Launch
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Let's get this party started

Meet the team and review the LaunchPad tasks and timeline. Great work is only ever the result of great planning.


Technical Consulting & Working Sessions

You have questions, we have answers

Integrations, migrations, analytics, oh my! If you need it, we have the technical expertise on hand to solve even your most frustrating HubSpot challenges. 

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Yes, there's homework

Our worksheets and questionnaires will help pinpoint exactly what your needs are and what needs to happen in your hub(s). You'll do these between meetings and we'll review them with you on call to answer questions and get the details squared away.



*Rolls up sleeves*

Stand back, we've got this! At this stage, we execute on the carefully laid plans. The result? Hubs set up exactly the way you want them.


Custom Training

Training tailored to your team

One-size training doesn't cut it. We like to get to know your team and your needs. That way we can deliver trainings perfectly tailored to suit your business. 



Your LaunchPad graduation

You're fully-fledged HubSpotters now, and we're so proud! At this point, we either wish you a fond farewell, or you join us for monthly ongoing services. 

LaunchPad Pricing Calculator

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  • Custom properties configuration (contacts/companies)
  • Spreadsheet-based database uploads
  • Default properties configuration (contacts/companies)
  • Lead scoring
  • 1 live chat


  • 1 email nurturing workflow
  • 1 email template set up
  • 1 email subscription configuration
  • 1 popup form
  • 1 live chat


  • 1 lead routing workflow
  • 1 Sales pipeline with stage based automation
  • 1 deals spreadsheet upload
  • 1 sequence
  • 1 Sales chatbot
  • 1 playbook


  • Knowledgebase set up
  • 1 Ticket pipeline with stage based automation
  • 1 tickets spreadsheet upload
  • 1 of each feedback survey
  • 1 Service chatbot
  • 1 playbook

Grab Some Add-ons

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CRM Integration

CRM Integration ($2500)

When you need to integrate other data sources we can take on the technical integration (Salesforce or other native integration). In addition, we can also coach you through critical decisions you may need to consider about operating your processes through different systems.

CRM Cleanup

CRM Cleanup ($2500)

We create a data health dashboard to help keep watch on records needing cleaning. Then, of course, we clean them up!

Custom Object

Custom Object ($2500)

When you need to store data records that do not neatly fit within the default records provided in HubSpot. We will help you plan the technical structure of your custom object and then deploy it.

Custom Reporting Dashboard & Analytics

Custom Reporting Dashboard & Analytics ($2500)

When you need to see data reported in a very specific way that doesn't come out of the box. We will make up to 20 custom report modules and train you on how to navigate analytics through the entire platform.

Technical SEO Setup

Technical SEO Setup ($2500)

We offer a bit of technical SEO set up to get you moving in the right direction with website optimization. We will configure HubSpot’s SEO scan tool and deliver you the report. In addition we will help you configure the topic clustering tool, run a broken link scan, and configure redirects to fix them.

CMS Additions

CMS Additions ($2500)

If you are looking to launch a blog and use landing pages then this is for you. We will get you a templated landing page with form routing and set up your blog as well as migrate you off your old blog. 

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Always Included

Every project comes with these perks
  • Custom Training Program
  • Working Sessions
  • Technical Consulting
  • Guided Worksheets
  • Project Board & Call Notes
  • Wishlist Development

Frequently Asked Questions

You Ask, We Answer!
How Long Do LaunchPads Take?

Each Hub in our LaunchPad program can last up to a month when done alone. Additional Hubs add 2-4 weeks and provide you both a cost and time savings when bundled together.


LaunchPad Add-ons each add up to 2 weeks to your timelines. Accelerated timelines are available at no extra cost.