Onboarding Overview

HubSpot Onboarding

You’ve built something amazing, so why water it down with technology-first onboarding?

Most companies solely pay attention to how HubSpot works and then build their clients’ businesses around it. Not only does this deliberately decrease the amount of personal optimization you have through HubSpot, but it also forces your business to come second to this platform.


Our Remotish Onboarding team will help you successfully move your business to HubSpot by…

  • Uncovering the secret capabilities you should be using (that you probably didn’t even know you bought)
  • Personally setting up your core system to catapult your start (so you don’t have to worry about losing any more time)
  • Training your team with a custom training plan curated to your business (without having to spend days creating an onboarding system)

The Process

A 30-90 Day Minimum Viable Product Launch


Let's get this party started

Meet the team and review the Onboarding tasks and timeline. Great work is only ever the result of great planning.


Technical Consulting & Working Sessions

You have questions, we have answers

Integrations, migrations, analytics, oh my! If you need it, we have the technical expertise on hand to solve even your most frustrating HubSpot challenges. 



Yes, there's homework

Our worksheets and questionnaires will help pinpoint exactly what your needs are and what needs to happen in your hub(s). You'll do these between meetings and we'll review them with you on call to answer questions and get the details squared away.

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*Rolls up sleeves*

Stand back, we've got this! At this stage, we execute on the carefully laid plans. The result? Hubs set up exactly the way you want them.


Custom Training

Training tailored to your team

One-size training doesn't cut it. We like to get to know your team and your needs. That way we can deliver trainings perfectly tailored to suit your business. 



Your LaunchPad graduation

You're fully-fledged HubSpotters now, and we're so proud! At this point, we either wish you a fond farewell, or you join us for monthly ongoing services. 

HubSpot Onboarding Pricing Calculator

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  • ATTRACT: drawing in the right people with valuable content and conversations that establish you as a trusted advisor.




  • ENGAGE: presenting insights and solutions that align with their pain points and goals so they are more likely to buy from you.




  • DELIGHT: providing help and support to empower your customers to find continual success with their purchases.




  • GROW: advance your business by incorporating your website into your HubSpot growth machine.



Standard onboarding is a guided onboarding approach that will include 6 weekly training sessions. Advanced onboarding includes all standard onboarding services with two technical consulting sessions to give you an extended amount of information to ensure your portal will continue to support your business needs

Grab Some Add-ons

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Any Hub Implementation

Any Hub Implementation ($3000)

CRM Implementation

CRM Implementation ($3000)

CRM Cleanup

CRM Cleanup ($2500)

CRM Integration

CRM Integration ($2500)

Custom Object

Custom Object ($2500)

Reporting Dashboards

Custom Reporting Dashboard & Analytics ($2500)

CMS Additions

CMS Additions ($2500)

Technical SEO Setup

Technical SEO Setup ($1000)

Technical SEO Implementation (Custom)

Technical SEO Implementation

Custom Consultation & Audit

Custom Consultation & Audit ($2500)

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Always Included

Every HubSpot Onboarding comes with these perks
  • Guided Development
  • Working Sessions
  • Wishlist Development

Frequently Asked Questions

You Ask, We Answer!
How Long Does Onboarding Take?

Each Hub in our Onboarding program can last between 4 - 10 weeks.


You can expect weekly calls and based on which version of a hub you purchased will vary the number of calls. 


Onboarding Add-ons can add up to 2 weeks to your timelines. Accelerated timelines are available at no extra cost.

How is Remotish Onboarding different from HubSpot Onboarding?

Like HubSpot, we have a process we take our clients through to get them onboarded adequately on the Hubspot platform to ensure successful tool usage. 


The difference is our approach. 


HubSpot takes an Objective-Based onboarding approach, meaning they will lead you through certain milestones you will complete along the way. 


Their process will be the same for each new user on the platform. 


The Remotish method is to take a business First approach, meaning we will look to understand your business and move you through our onboarding process based on the unique needs of your business. 


There will always be foundational pieces to the process that everyone new to HubSpot will need to learn and leverage. Still, the difference is that we will work to understand your business and tailor the experience to your needs. 


Part of the Remotish onboarding will include our team working in your Hubspot portal and giving direction.

Why are Remotish Onboarding prices higher than HubSpot Onboarding?

We take a business-first approach, which goes beyond the standard onboarding process that Hubspot provides so there is a level of depth we're able to reach based on our experience with clients. 


HubSpot has built an awesome platform, we've committed our whole business around it, but we know how to apply the tool to real-world use cases so businesses can thrive.