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HubSpot Onboarding.

Don't skip the fundamentals

Our HubSpot Onboarding program focuses on teaching you how to build an effective starting foundation in your new HubSpot portal.


We focus on the fundamentals and train you on how to maximize out-of-the-box features as quickly as possible.

6-week HubSpot Onboarding Programs.

Pick a Hub, Any Hub

The Process.

What we achieve in 6 weeks

A Valuable Resource

We have resourceful knowleadge

Meet the team and review the Onboarding tasks and timeline. Great work is only ever the result of great planning.


Weekly Training Sessions

You have questions, we have answers

Each weekly meeting includes training on HubSpot tools, best practices, and strategic recommendations.


Guides & Resources

Yes, there may be homework

We will shortcut your learning by directing you to educational resources that help you cover ground faster.



It's Graduation Day

You've learned the HubSpot basics and are ready to continue on your HubSpot journey. We're so proud! At this point, we either wish you a fond farewell, or you join us for ongoing RevOps services.

Frequently Asked Questions.

You Ask, We Answer!
How long does Onboarding take?

Each Hub in our Onboarding Program can last 6 weeks. 

Why are Remotish Onboarding prices higher than HubSpot's?

All of our HubSpot Strategists are well-versed in RevOps foundations. Working with our team to onboard into HubSpot will give you access to higher caliber consulting, resulting in a more robust starting foundation within HubSpot.

HubSpot's onboarding programs run for 90 days and you meet with them every 10 days. We cover more ground in less time (6 weeks) to help you get value from HubSpot as soon as possible.

What if I need more than your standard Onboarding Program?

We love it when our HubSpot Onboarding clients want to continue working with us!

You can hire us for 1-off-hourly consulting or have us around all the time with our monthly retainers. 

Do you offer custom Onboarding Programs?

Our monthly retainers offer the most flexible path for companies looking to customize their approach to onboarding and maintenance in HubSpot.

Will I be able to fully use my HubSpot portal after completing Onboarding?

With onboarding the goal is to build a strong foundation so you can make the most of your HubSpot investment.

You should feel confident that you can start using parts of the tools as soon as you feel comfortable navigating them.

Which Onboarding Program do I need if I am purchasing multiple hubs?

You would select the Onboarding Program offered for each Hub (Marketing, Sales, Service) you subscribe to and want guided training with.