What is A HubSpot Agency?


First and foremost, a HubSpot Agency is a service provider that helps other businesses optimize their use of HubSpot products.  

HubSpot products include:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Marketing Hub
  • Sales Hub
  • Service Hub
  • Content Management System (CMS)

If you are wondering what each of these products is all about, keep reading.


CRM stands for customer relationship management and it's a tool that does just that...manages the relationships with your customers (and leads).

This happens by compiling all of your prospect and customer information into one central database, so that anyone at your company, at any time, can go see all the information you have about each contact.

This includes every action taken on their part and every conservation your company has had with them. Think about how valuable this is not only for trying to convert leads into customers, but managing current customers and keeping them happy. 

Learn more about HubSpot CRM.


Marketing Hub is how HubSpot helps your business grow traffic, convert leads, and track marketing campaigns. 

This is done with an Ad tool that lets you see comprehensive data about ad performance, email marketing, social media, lead capture with CTAs and forms, and some pretty awesome SEO and optimization tools for content in blogs, landing pages, website pages, and emails.  

Learn more about HubSpot Marketing.


HubSpot's Sales Hub is how you can see all your activities related to sales in one place.

This includes deals, tasks, documents, meetings, playbooks, and quotes.

  • Deals - are ongoing transactions that your team is pursuing.
  • Tasks - help you to keep track of your to-do lists.
  • Documents - are where you can store sales-related content to share with prospects.
  • Meetings - is where you can create your meetings link so leads can easily book a time on your calendar.
  • Playbooks - help team members standardized notes when speaking to prospects and customers.
  • Quotes - is where you create an estimate to send to prospective buyers.  

All these tools help you speed up sales cycles and close more deals. Learn more about HubSpot Sales Hub.


Smart companies experiencing growth have discovered the secret to success: happy customers. 

So how do you get happy customers that continue to buy, make referrals, and give you glowing reviews?

Master customer service.

With HubSpot's Service Hub, you can use a ticketing system to organize requests, prioritize tasks, and get solutions to customers quicker. 

You can also use feedback surveys to help you to gather qualitative and quantitative feedback so you can build stronger relationships and keep your customers longer.

Learn more about HubSpot Service Hub.


HubSpot's CMS is one-of-a-kind. 

If you are looking for a website that integrates perfectly with all your other business tools, this is the content management system for you. 

The HubSpot CMS not only integrates seamlessly with HubSpot's CRM, marketing, sales, and service hubs, but it comes with built-in SEO and optimization tools that ensure it will be ready for any device, helps you rank higher on Google, and personalizes content for visitors.

Learn more about HubSpot CMS.

HubSpot Agency Qualifications


The HubSpot Agency Partner Program was recently renamed to the Solutions Partner Program and comprises agencies and other service providers from around the world that want to become experts in all things HubSpot. 

The Solutions Partner Program was developed for businesses with a customer-centric mind-set that want to continually learn, grow and become experts in HubSpot's technology. The types of businesses that do well in this program provide:

  1. Strategy - Consulting on business, technology, sales, marketing, or customer service

  2. Implementation - Handling the technical set up and configuration, CRM, systems integrations, or IT services

  3. Training  - Hands-on support services in marketing, sales, or customer service

In addition to providing one or more of the services above, you then need to complete the Solutions Partner Certification to be classified as an official 'Certified HubSpot Solutions Partner.'

The certification is an 11-class course that covers Hubpsot's methodologies on how to market, sell, deliver, and grow.

How To Hire A HubSpot Agency

Once you've purchased HubSpot, you can maximize this quickly by hiring a HubSpot Agency to work with.

This will ensure your setup is done properly and you have solid strategy put in place to use all of the features in the most efficient way possible.

Before you start interviews, our number one tip is to sit down with the head of all your teams to get a clear understanding of everyones specific needs and what problems you want your agency to solve. Here's where you can start:

  • Identify all departments main problems.
  • Identify all departments main goals.
  • Determine your monthly budget.
  • Determine if your needs are ongoing or project based.
    • If project based, estimate a time frame in which you'd like it to be completed.

Next, you'll want do some research on the agency:

  • Determine if the agency has experience with clients that have the same issues as you.
  • Check their credentials and reviews in the HubSpot Directory.
  • Confirm their qualifications fit what you are looking for, as not all agencies are specialized in all of HubSpot's products. 
  • Confirm their culture, values and business model align with yours.

Learn how to ace an interview with a HubSpot Partner.

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