Milsource is the proud official US distributor of Techaya's MILTECH line of military-grade switching, routing and other communications solutions.


Massive Results

The magic we worked
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Reps given custom workflows to assign leads by zip code
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Employees trained in the custom HubSpot process
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Salesforce Integration

Salesforce and Wordpress Migrations

Here's the scoop...

Winning the battles AND winning the war.

Milsource was brand new to the platform, so we set up their HubSpot and migrated their data over from Salesforce. This was a deeply technical process that involved special tools that help map properties from one database to the other.

Then, we migrated their Gravity Forms, bringing those over from Wordpress to HubSpot. 

When all the pieces were in place. First, we optimized some of their processes by consolidating 60 workflows into 2.

Finally, we engineered a very sophisticated lead routing engine for their third-party sales reps that was based on zip code territories (we’re pretty proud of that!).

HubSpot Tools Used

HubSpot Tools Used
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