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Location information Remote/USA

Time information Full-time

salary $68,889

HubSpot Strategists are pros in the platform, who love to advise clients on the best course of action to hit their RevOps goals in Hubspot.
If a new feature is launched in HubSpot, you will already know all about it!
Every day you’ll get to deliver exciting end-to-end strategies and tactics to meet our clients’ ambitious RevOps goals. You will be supported by a dedicated Project Strategist to take the lift off you in areas that don’t require your unique skill set. You'll spend the rest of your days tinkering and building off those strategies.

We Offer Amazing Perks

In addition to working with an awesome, fun-loving team


Talk about the best of both worlds. The freedom of remote work meets the warm security of a W2.



Create a monthly schedule that works for you and your clients. We plan in work months not work weeks.



Earn your way to a 25% monthly PTO! That's about 40-46 hours off each month (13ish weeks a year).

*intended to cover everything from sick time, to holidays, vacation, and rare events like jury duty or military moves



70% of your PPO insurance premiums (you and dependents) are covered for certain medical, dental, and vision plans.



We will match your contributions up to 6%, to help you save for retirement.

*eligible after 3 months, immediate vesting



When the company earns, you earn. Share in our wins with a little extra cash.



Grow to new heights and level up your professional skills under the expert eyes of those that came before you.



Get paid to take role-based HubSpot certifications in addition to weekly ongoing education.



Though we are remote, we do like to see each other. Being anti-office doesn't mean we are antisocial!



Annual trip to INBOUND in Boston to learn and connect together. 



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Job Levels with matching Salary Scale

What Level Is This Position?

A little grid with a lot of info!



Usual Remotish Titles


Progressive Years in the Field


Usual Responsibilities

Internship Intern 0 Learning how to work
Entry Level Assistant 0 - 3 Being tasked uncomplicated work
Early Career Specialist 3 - 5 Delivering specialized work
Intermediate Strategist 4 - 6 Delivering advanced work without supervision
Advanced Intermediate Program Lead 5 - 7 Developing how we deliver work
Manager in Training Team Lead 6 - 8 Learning how to manage people
Manager Manager 7 - 9 Managing people
Early Senior Director 8 - 10 Managing a department
Senior VP 10+ Defining department goals and direction
Executive CXO 10+ Driving direction of the company

What You'll Need

The experience recommended for this job
Documented Professional Experience in:


  • working at an agency or consulting with multiple clients at once
  • strategic HubSpot RevOps consulting
  • developing and documenting detailed processes and project plans
  • troubleshooting complex HubSpot issues
Ability To:


  • quickly master new elements of the HubSpot platform
  • training on HubSpot
  • continuously progress your HubSpot implementation efficiency
  • be disciplined/organized
  • work remotely with minimal supervision

What You'll Do

Are you the Robin to our Batman?
  • Client Management
    • Act as main point of contact for client needs
    • Communicate swiftly with clients through approved channels
    • Meeting with clients to provide strategic HubSpot consulting
      • Kickoff calls
      • Working sessions
      • Training calls
      • Progress calls
      • Offboarding calls
    • Keeping meeting notes and devise action items from meetings
  • Strategy
    • Develop long-term strategy and roadmapping with clients
    • Devise the best strategic approach to achieve client RevOps goals within the HubSpot platform
    • Document strategies for others to follow
  • Technology
    • Troubleshoot strategic issues in HubSpot
    • Implement work into HubSpot 
    • Train clients on HubSpot tactical use
    • Maintain a full technical understanding of HubSpot
  • Project Management
    • Collaborate with their dedicated Digital Project Strategist to ensure client projects progress smoothly
    • Communicating with clients within tasks
  • Thought Leadership
    • Actively author content (speaking, blogs, guides, videos, social posts) that aligns with our services and target client needs.
    • Networking and collaborating with industry peers (slack groups, clubs, events)
    • Become known as a HubSpot RevOps Expert
  • Time Management
    • Monitor your projects
    • Self-administer your own tasks
    • Prioritization and organization of tasks
  • Communication
    • Remain communicative and available with team and candidates via slack, email, text, conference call, and smoke signals during reasonable business hours.
  • Internal Operations
    • Participate in regular team connect calls
  • Internal Marketing & Sales
    • Contribute to company marketing (blog, social, seo...)
    • Assist in the sales process when needed
  • Education
    • Complete & maintain all HubSpot Certifications
    • Attend in-person and virtual educational events

How You'll Grow

Career advancement baked into every role


1st - Step

Program Lead

2nd - Step

Team Lead

3rd - Step

Strategists are expected to deliver advanced work without supervision in addition to Specialist level duties.

They are the seasoned veterans that identify the strategy to solve a challenge based on their previous experience or in-depth knowledge then implement that strategy with little to no hand-holding.

Program leads are responsible for developing (and optimizing) new program systems and processes in addition to Strategist level duties.

They are the guardians of how team members in this title category do the work they do. They often look for new ways to deliver on the program and serve as program experts.

Added Responsibilities (and required experience):
    • New Program Research/Education & Planning
      • Polling employees, interviewing industry experts, or hiring consultants to gain insights
      • Internet research
      • Taking courses and training to develop a personal understanding of the desired program
    • New Program Development
      • Strategic organization around program approach
      • Developing documentation and training about new program
      • Developing sales and marketing collateral for new program (if relevant)
      • Developing program goals and success metrics and how to track them (with Team Lead advisement)
      • Communicating and/or presenting new programs to the company
    • Existing Program Optimization
      • Identifying areas of improvement to existing programs
      • Developing new systems and processes to improve existing programs
      • Updating documentation and trainings with program updates
      • Communicating and/or presenting program updates to the company
    • Existing Program Management
      • Acting as company owner on program internal administration
      • Tracking and reporting goals and success/risk metrics
      • Tracking and reporting program budgets
      • Monitoring that public representations of program are accurate
      • Supporting Team Lead in development/maintenance of public messaging on program

Team leads monitor and mentor team members in the same title category in addition to Strategist level duties.

They are player-coaches that ensure that pre-established program processes are adhered to. They often work with Program Leads to provide input to improve programs.

Added Responsibilities (and required experience):
  • Program Leadership
    • Providing strategic advisement and review to Program Lead on program development/ optimizations
    • Acting as solutions consultant (for sales calls or client consulting) or strategic advisor (to leadership) on program
    • Conducting regular 1 on 1 and small group training and skills development on program
    • Conducting company-wide training on program
  • Program Governance
    • Monitoring Strategists' adherence to program execution
    • Connecting with Strategists' about program execution issues to be resolved
    • Analyzing program reports to identify trends, risks, and success
    • Escalating repeat and unresolved program governance issues to Manager
  • Program Thought Leadership
    • Acting as company expert on program
    • Building and publishing messaging about program (in collaboration with Program Lead)
    • Representing company in interviews and publications in regards to program

What You'll Use

Techity tech yourself!
Google Workspace

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