You are atlas carrying the Remotish world!

Remotish Agency Support Specialists are obsessed with organization and operations and supporting the Operations Manager.


You will be assisting with developing and improving processes, team event scheduling, partnerships, researching tools for the team, reporting, and more.


If you love the feeling of guided freedom, the ability to learn things on your own but have the support of those who have done it before, this job is for you.

We Offer Amazing Perks

In addition to working with an awesome, fun-loving team

What You'll Need

The experience recommended for this job
2-3 years of:
  • Experience in a technology marketing, sales, or service role.
1-2 years of:
  • Project coordination experience
  • Actively using the HubSpot platform
  • Interacting 1-on-1 with clients
  • Training experience
Other Things:
  • Resourceful troubleshooter with a high technical understanding of digital tools
  • Highly disciplined/organized and able to segment your time and focus in order to hit deadlines
  • Comfortable working with minimal supervision

What You'll Need

Are you the Robin to our Batman?
  • Documenting operational processes and procedures
  • Identifying gaps in our documentation 
Training and Resources:
  • Administrative onboarding of new team members
  • Researching tools
  • Researching classes/events/articles that would help the team learn
  • Assist with developing team training
RevOps Support
  • Updates in HubSpot 
    • Dashboards
    • Database
    • Website
    • Email
Event Admin
  • Helping to admin and research things related to company events
Project Management:
  • Coordinate internal project tasks
  • Support on client projects as needed
  • Self-administer your own tasks
  • Assign and monitor work to contractors as needed
Internal Operations:
  • Participate in regular team connect calls
Internal Marketing & Sales:
  • Contribute to company marketing (blog, social, SEO...)
  • Assist in the sales process when needed
  • Complete & Maintain ALL HubSpot Certifications
  • Attend in-person and virtual educational events

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