XaaSSpot Podcast: How HubSpot Helps SaaS Lean Manufacturing

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Are you an 'As-A-Service' company that uses HubSpot? Well you're in luck because we are proud to introduce to you the world's first podcast dedicated to helping XaaS (otherwise known as Anything-As-A-Service) master all things HubSpot!

Check our our first episode where we interviewed the XaaSSpot Founder, Nicole Pereira.

In our second interview, we had a chat to Trent Maw, Marketing & Communications Director at L2L, a SaaS platform that provides manufacturers around the world and across all verticals with a cloud-based 'Lean Execution System' that has visible real-time data on production metrics, activities and abnormalities.

We hope you enjoy!  

Watch the video above or read the interview below

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Host: Today, I'm excited to be hosting our second XaasSpot Podcast episode and our first client guest, the Director of Marketing and Communications at L2L, Trent Maw.

Thanks so much for being here with us today, Trent! 

Guest: Nicole, thanks for having me. Appreciate it.


Host: So I think our listeners would love to hear a little bit about your professional journey and why you decided to work with L2L... and then maybe a little bit about the company.

Guest: L2L is a pretty amazing company.

It was actually started inside of a manufacturing plant during the recession in 2008 / 2009, and that's important because it's a SaaS platform for manufacturers to help them drive efficiency and production performance and do more with less, which is really important when times are lean (as they were then and now!)

The platform provides a TON of visibility, whether you're remote, (which is also really important right now), or on-site in operations, to what's happening or not working and allows companies to really identify the top opportunities to drive improvement and make that happen, or continuously improve. This is really powerful for a manufacturing company.

I was introduced to the CEO of the company by a friend of mine it wasn't long, you know, and I could tell pretty fast there was a huge opportunity here and that this company had the opportunity to really transform a whole industry in many ways.

The leadership team was also pretty amazing, which was attractive, and so was the ability to apply my experience to help scale the company and really grow myself along the way. It was a great fit, and I've been here for four and a half years now. So when you put all that together, I don't know what else one could ask for.

Host: Yeah, sounds like a great opportunity!

So why HubSpot?

There's so many options these days when it comes to marketing and sales platforms, CRM's and CMS's... why did you go the HubSpot route?


Guest: Yeah, good question. HubSpot has a great reputation.

We had used a couple of different CRMs and hadn't really delved into marketing automation, building out workflows, lead generation or nurturing, so we really were looking for a platform that could do all this.

In addition, HubSpot is relatively intuitive and easy to use, though there's always a learning curve and it has a lot of features, but we could dig in and really start using it right away.

We also lean on guidance and expertise from companies like Chief Martech Officer, and as our team grows, we can look for more people with HubSpot experience. So in a nutshell, we were looking for a sophisticated tool to be able to really build out our marketing automation, CRM, host our website and kind of put everything under one umbrella... that was a really attractive factor. 


Host: Great!

So what's your favorite feature or set of tools in the platform?


Guest: I would say the ability to really map out the marketing automation workflows and actually see how we're nurturing our leads and automating everything. That's been huge and we continue to build those out.

Another thing that comes to mind is the ability to clone different elements from your website, from a design point of view, or structure point of view.

As a non-developer, I am able to easily put together landing pages and even more complex webpages and continue to build the website, and then just lean on a developer as needed.

I think that's powerful as well. 


Host: Funny you say that, I just wrote a blog all about that! Its called, 'Learn Why Marketers Love HubSpot's Improved CMS.'

It really does make it super, super easy for someone without coding experience to create a webpage, make edits to your pages, blogs, and landing pages, allowing you to manage a lot of that front-end stuff without having to contact outside help.

So since you've been using HubSpot, what do you think your biggest win has been with the platform?


Guest: So far I think the ability to really have data and visibility into the engagement that people are having with our content and our website is great.

This allows us to continuously improve our internal processes, which is a big part of what we are all about in the manufacturing industry.

I really like that you can see the conversions from one stage of the funnel to the other and grow/

Where you 30-40% of people downloading a piece of content and then downloading the next one, it's really exciting.

You can't take that kind of scientific, iterative approach unless you have a tool that allows you to have that visibility. So I think that's a huge win for us. 


Host: Great. So, you know, we both obviously love HubSpot, we're doing a whole podcast about it, but we know nothing is perfect, right? [lol]

If you could change one thing or improve one thing about HubSpot, what would it be?


Guest: It would be really great if HubSpot had a better way of allowing us to host videos so it's easier to access for sales and other teams.

I know there's an integration with Vidyard, but I think it could be a little more seamless.

Host: Good point... and just so you and our listeners know, HubSpot has actually made 1:1 video creation, where you can create and share personalized videos (up to 1hr in length) with prospects directly from the HubSpot CRM and track their performance. This is separate from the Vidyard for HubSpot integration. This is included with a slew of other tools they have made free for the next 90 days to help businesses that have been affected by COVID-19. 

And last, I thought we'd end with a question about the current landscape of global business being affected by COVID-19. It's kind of a crazy environment we're all working and living in right now. What's your best advice for SaaS companies dealing with this crisis?


Guest: I'd say tune with your customers.

Have a talk with them and try to understand what they're dealing with. Then you're not only strengthening the relationship, but you're finding out what are they doing, devising, and helping them to adapt and succeed.

You can then take that information and share it across your customer base and then you're really adding a lot of value to your industry.

We recently did a series of interviews with different customers to really understand exactly they were dealing with and how they've been impacted in manufacturing plants.

Previously, people were in the plant, now everybody is working remotely, so if you're prepared for that, it's not a big deal, but if you weren't, this would be a real challenge.

One thing we heard over and over was that without L2L, they wouldn't have had the remote visibility to monitor operations, and this has enabled them to survive.

This was great feedback for us to hear!

So that would be the biggest advice... strengthen those relationships and add value.


Host: Yeah, pandemic or not right?


Guest: Yes, absolutely.

Because of the pandemic, we have a unique opportunity to really do that and kind of shine and deepen our relationships. The whole remote management of a manufacturing plant is a big deal.


Host: Well, that's a wrap!

I want to thank our listeners for joining us today.

I also want to thank you ....Trent Maw, Director of Marketing and Communications at LT2L, for sharing your story, insights about HubSpot, and why L2L decided that HubSpot was the best solution for the business.


Guest: Thank you Nicole. Really appreciate the opportunity to to chat with you today and all the best as we move through this crazy time.


Host: Take care. Bye!

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Again, my name is Nicole Turner, HubSpot Specialist at Chief Martech Officer and host of the XaaSSpot Podcast.

That's it for today, until next time, happy XaaSSpotting!


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