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Why HubSpot's Customer Relationship Management Is The Best

Hubspot CRM

A customer relationship management (CRM) system is essential to keep any business organized and operating at its greatest potential. It allows you to effectively manage relationships with your contacts, so you can create strategies that will help you gain customers and retain current ones.

There are several CRMs available to choose from, but in this blog, we will cover why HubSpot’s customer relationship management system is the best option.

What To Consider When Choosing A Customer Relationship Management System

If you have a business, you understand the importance of having an organized, reliable place to store your data. When choosing a customer relationship management system, you need to look for tools that fit into your business’s specific needs. These could include:

  • Size of Your Database: The larger the database, the more strategic you need to be about managing updates and clean-ups.

  • Cost: The monthly investment for a CRM can be high. The good news is that HubSpot has a ton of free tools for getting started in the CRM world.

  • Support and Resources: Learning all the tools inside a CRM can be difficult and looking for resources online is overwhelming. HubSpotters have 24-hour access to a support team AND amazing courses and certifications that educate you on the system's tools and build your expertise about marketing, sales and customer service.

  • Sales Tools: Define your sales processes and evaluate how complex they are before choosing a CRM, so that you can ensure it will fit your needs. The free version of HubSpot gives you access to deals, pipelines, tasks, documents, and the ability to connect your Gmail or Office 365. 

  • Marketing Tools: Define your need for lead generation and how you will market to your existing contacts. HubSpot’s CRM connects with marketing tools like emails, forms you can embed on your website, and the ability to connect your social Ads for more granular tracking. 

  • Reporting: Have a clear picture of the complexity of your sales, marketing and customer service processes to understand how sophisticated your reporting needs to be. HubSpot’s reporting dashboards offer great default options and you can utilize these to analyze trends and identify areas of improvement.


What Sets HubSpot’s Customer Relationship Management System Apart

Different CRMs have different focuses, but there are a couple reasons why we prefer the HubSpot CRM.

The first one being, HubSpot’s customer relationship management system integrates with it's sales, marketing, and customer service tools, allowing you to manage the bulk of your business in one place. This makes everyone's job easier and increases productivity.  

Secondly, it powers the HubSpot CMS, so you can get insights on how customers are interacting with your website and content.

Next we'll go through each one in more detail. 


workflow-builder-from-scratch-tab_hubspot customer relationship management

HubSpot Marketing Hub includes various features that integrate with the CRM. Some you might benefit from are: 

  • Workflows
  • Email automation
  • Social media

In HubSpot’s workflow tool, you can mass update contact properties associated with your contacts in the CRM with one click, helping you get organized and produce reports that display valuable data you can rely on to make informed decisions with regards to your marketing efforts.

With email automation, you can set up an automated series of emails to be sent to a certain group of people, over a specific length of time, while you work on other tasks! This increases efficiency and results.  

When you connect your social accounts to HubSpot, you get access to various reporting features. The 'New Contacts' report will show you the number of new contacts created in the HubSpot CRM as a result of web sessions driven from social media within the selected time period.

How cool is that?! 


deal-automation-create-new-workflow_hubspot customer relationship management

The HubSpot CRM can also help your sales team stay organized, efficient and increase contacts and leads.

This happens by having the ability to receive automated reminders of tasks and appointments, which reduces double bookings or repetitive communications with contacts. You can then remind reps to follow up with prospects in various ways depending on what stage of the buyer's journey they are in.

In addition, as your sales team grows, they will need to maintain a clear line of communication with their leads. This easily happens in the CRM, as all activities associated with each contact is automatically tracked and recorded on contact's timeline record. This includes activities like:

  • Where the contact was created from
  • What website pages they have viewed
  • Forms submitted and content offers downloaded
  • Lists they have become members of
  • Workflows they have been enrolled in
  • Emails, phone calls, and more. 

This can ultimately speed up sales cycles and help them close more deals.  


conversations-inbox-filtered-view_hubspot customer relationship management

HubSpot's CRM can also automate day-to-day tasks that your customer service team might engage in.

This could include:

  • Entering data
  • Logging all customer interactions
  • Automating tasks like conversations with customers
This allows service reps to seamlessly manage their relationships with customers, helping to maintain them and get glowing reviews. 

The CRM also enriches the 'Conversations' tool, which brings all communication channels (email, live chat, forms, Facebook messenger in one place) by not only giving you contextual information about any conversations customers have had with your reps, but any information about the customer's history with your company, interactions with website, content and more.


edit smart content_hubspot customer relationship management

As mentioned before, the HubSpot CMS integrates with the Hubspot CRM.

What does this mean?

When these game-changing tools are connected, you can personalize your content to website visitors based on any information you have stored about them in the CRM. This includes data like:

  • Location
  • Source
  • Device
  • Language
  • Or ANY OTHER contact property 

Personalizing website content lets you then create tailored campaigns and communications increasing your sales and retention of current customers.


Are you ready to get started with HubSpot CRM? Great!

1) Set up your free account.
2) Read our 'Getting Started' post that guides you through the beginning steps.

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