What Is HubSpot's CRM?

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A CRM (customer relationship management) is a system that stores and tracks all stages of your relationship with your customers. It helps you to easily access data related to your customers, establish processes for your sales and marketing teams, and allows you to access insightful reports over time.

In HubSpot, there are free tools that can make your entire staff's jobs more effective. In this blog, learn how HubSpot's CRM can make sales, marketing, customer service jobs more efficient.

As Your Business Grows, So Should Your Tools

Most companies start collecting customer data on spreadsheets, but as you grow, good ol’ Excel won’t be efficient. It is difficult to see a snapshot of the entire relationship you have with your contacts, and to understand which leads have the potential to become customers. Therefore, as your database and business grows, you are more likely to benefit from a CRM system.

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Sales Leaders Need HubSpot CRM

As a sales leader, keeping track of the whole team’s productivity and reporting on the most crucial results from your processes can be challenging. By using HubSpot’s CRM you can create detailed custom reports on sales activity, productivity and individual salesperson performance. The reporting tool has a lot of great pre-built options, but you can always get more specific creating your own personalized report. 

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Another tool any sales leader would love is the ability to customize your sales pipeline to match your processes and create deals with one click. In the Deals area, you can also easily move deals through the stages by dragging and dropping and create tasks for your reps.

Salespeople Thrive on HubSpot CRM

Sales reps no longer need to worry about missing opportunities when all data is in a CRM system. In HubSpot’s CRM, you can view all your contacts in the same area, and filter them down to what you’re looking for. Want to know how many leads you have in a certain deal stage? When the first deal was created? When were certain people last contacted? Those and many more segmentation options are available as filters.

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Inside each contact record you have access to all the history of that contact and the ability to log calls, notes, and view a timeline of all communication that happened between the rep and the contact. That helps you always stay on track and on top of every aspect of that customer or lead relationship.

Tracking deals and creating tasks to remind yourself of important actions and deadlines are also considered by most reps to be life savers. 

Marketing Teams & HubSpot CRM

As a marketer, focusing solely on great strategy is not enough if you don’t also have efficient tools to increase conversion. In HubSpot’s CRM, you can create forms to add to an externally hosted website to constantly collect information you need in your database. If you want to keep using non-HubSpot forms, you can add a HubSpot tracking code to your website and still bring data to the CRM such as contacts’ activity in your website, the page they came from and any other information you want your form to collect.


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As your database grows, you can use HubSpot to send bulk emails for free and nurture these leads till they are ready for your sales team. To segment the contacts you want to send each email, create Lists and add filters to include these people as recipients in your bulk emails.  

If you use paid Ads, HubSpot allows you to connect Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Ads to the CRM to collect data from your prospects and give you even more information when segmenting, nurturing or handing people to your sales team.


Customer Service Teams Tools In The HubSpot CRM

In HubSpot’s CRM, you can set up a shared inbox to give your whole team access to customers communications. From there, if you need to check a contact record for more details on that relationship, you can easily do that with one click without moving to a different screen.

Tickets is another tool in the HubSpot CRM that will make your customer service team more efficient. Very similar to the Deals tool, Tickets are displayed on a dashboard where you can track every customer activity in one place and set tickets stages that fit your processes. This will help your customer service team to be more focused on the customers issues.

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