[Video] July 2019 HubSpot Product Updates

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Want to catch up on everything NEW with HubSpot in July 2019? Watch the video below or read our blog to stay up-to-date on all the exciting changes. 

The HubSpot Product Updates for July 2019

  • Reporting Drill Downs
  • Free ADs Management and Email Marketing
  • Playbooks Updates
  • WordPress Plugin & WP Engine
  • Zoom Integration
  • Internal Comments in Conservations
  • Support Form in Conversations
  • Knowledge Base Editor


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Marketing Hub Updates

Reporting drill downs 

  • Now you can click into any report in HubSpot and see the data behind the report right there. No more having to navigate between the website and traffic analytics tools. 


FREE Email Marketing and AD Management   

  • You can now send marketing emails to your entire database or a segmented list through the classic or drag and drop email editors.
  • Check out reports on your ADs in Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn and see how people are interacting with your ADs. 

    free email


    free ads


Sales Hub Updates

Sales Playbooks Get Easier

  • Playbooks received a fresh UI, making it easier to consume information while accessing other tools like calling and task queues.
  • Now there are more granular controls to admins, allowing you to control how playbooks get logged to the CRM. When an account admin creates or edits a playbook, they’ll see a new option under settings where they can choose how that playbook should be logged.

  • Also, updates to question and answer fields in playbooks. Question and answer fields are a great way to ensure that reps are collecting the right information on calls. As a rep works their way through a call script, they can log information that gets saved directly to the contact record and map single-line text, multi-line text, and number properties to playbook question and answer fields, saving your reps even more time and improving the quality of data in your CRM.





Service Hub Updates

Faster Support For Customers

  • Now support forms allow you to reply to support form submissions directly from your conversations inbox.
  • So when a customer request comes in through the support form on your website, you can create and assign conversations and tickets in the same way you connect and respond to emails in conversations. 
  • This is available for all new portals and HubSpot will be migrating existing customers to this new feature over the coming months.

conversations gif-2


Build Your Knowledge Base

  • Having a knowledge base allows you to build a library of 'help articles' so your customers can help themselves.
  • New features for your knowledge base articles include: code blocks, image resizing directly in the editor, the ability to drag and drop images, emojis, the ability to embed videos, and more. 


HubSpot CRM Updates

  • HubSpot conversations now has internal comments that allow you to chat privately with colleagues on any conversation thread in real time within the HubSpot conversations inbox.


GIF1 - Internal Comments


HubSpot Connect Updates

HubSpot + WordPress 

  • HubSpot has refreshed the plugin for WordPress, which is built to help you grow your email list, manage your contacts, and send marketing emails all through HubSpot’s free CRM.
  • Here’s as bonus: if you are a WP Engine customer with a Studio Press theme activated on your site, the plugin will automatically create these assets for you and apply the pop-up and live chat modules to your site. This helps you get set up on HubSpot’s tools immediately and gives you the flexibility to edit those assets as needed all in a seamless, one-window experience.


Zoom Integration

  • Now there is a refreshed version of the HubSpot/Zoom integration that syncs webinar data to contact records in your HubSpot CRM allowing you to see who registered, attended and for how long they attended the webinar on contact records. You can also segment lists based on that same information.
  • If you want this update and you already have the Zoom integration installed, then the admin of your HubSpot account needs to renew your login for Zoom.
  • If you don’t currently use the Zoom integration for HubSpot, you can install it by visiting the Zoom integration directory listing or within your HubSpot portal.

  • This update is now live and available to all HubSpot users (free and paid) who also have Zoom’s paid webinar pro package or Zoom’s paid video webinar add-on.

Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 3.58.24 PM-2



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