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Want to catch up on everything NEW with HubSpot from Inbound 2019? Watch the video below or read our blog to learn which updates are available to which users and specific changes to the HubSpot CRM, Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, and the App Marketplace.

HubSpot Product Updates from Inbound 2019

  • Conversations Inbox
  • Knowledge Base Article Access
  • Advocacy Automation
  • Social Posting Boosting
  • Native AD Creation
    • Facebook Lead ADs
    • LinkedIn Lead Generation ADs (coming soon)
  • Publish Anywhere Social Reports
  • Automation
    • Folders for Workflows
    • Connect 'Go To' actions that reconnect branches in workflows
  • Sales Hub Professional
    • eSignature
    • Calculated Properties
    • Buy Now Link/Buttons
*Coming November 1, 2019
    • Drag and Drop Landing Page Editor

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Updates available to all HubSpot Users

HubSpot CRM - New Contact Record Design and Speed Improvements

  • A NEW design for CRM records! Streamlined, making it easier to access information, new functionalities and load time has been improved. 


Native Lead AD Creation  

  • Create an AD for Facebook (and soon to be LinkedIn) within HubSpot.

Native Lead AD Creation  


App Marketplace

  • Now over 300 apps, (this number has doubled in the last year).
  • Redesigned the app listing pages to prioritize the details like pricing, subscription requirements, and demo videos.
  • Hand-curated selections of apps for different types of users, helps you find the apps you need faster.
  • There's a new app listing experience, that gives app creators a simple, streamlined way to create and manage their Marketplace listings.

Hubspot App Marketplace


Facebook Messenger Integration

  • With Facebook Messenger now in conversations, you can have more personalized conversations, build stronger relationships, and remove friction from your customer's experience.

Facebook Messenger Integration


Availability for Chatbots

  • Create custom office hours for your chatbots that align with your goals.

Availability for Chatbots

Business Card Scanner on Mobile

  • A refreshed scanner for Android and a NEW scanner for iOS, powered by machine learning!

Business Card Scanner on Mobile

Support Forms in the Conversations Inbox, Ticket Automation, and Internal Comments

  • Web forms are now live as a new intake option in your Conversations inbox, time-saving automation options across tickets and workflows, and team collaboration on customer issues is easier with new internal commenting and inline ticket updates. 

*Support forms in the Conversations inbox and internal comments are now live and available to all HubSpot users. Ticket automation is live and available to all Service Hub Professional and Enterprise users.

Support Forms in the Conversations Inbox

*Ticket automation is only available to all Service Hub Professional and Enterprise users.

Folders in Workflows

  • You can now stay more organized by creating folders for your workflows and creating actions that skip to a different step in the workflow. This allows you to manage more complex workflows easier.

Folders in Workflows


*Folders in workflows is in beta for all Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and Service Hub Professional and Enterprise users.






Marketing Hub Updates

Social Posting Boosting

  • Take an organic post that's performing well, and turn it into an AD in HubSpot to increase reach and performance.

*Social post boosting is now in beta for Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise.

Publish Anywhere Social Reports 

  • You can now publish social from HubSpot, the networks, or even a different tool like Hootsuite and still track your success within HubSpot for 60 days. 

Publish Anywhere Social Reports 

*This update is now live and available to all Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise users.


Attribution Reporting

  • You will soon be able to show your boss that an ad campaign generated 10 deals, or that an email campaign was worth $10.5K to your company because 12% of email recipients ended up closing a deal. Marketing reporting is getting smarter! 

*Attribution will soon be in beta for Marketing Hub Enterprise users.



Planned Marketing Hub Starter updates include:

  • Landing pages: A brand new drag-and-drop editor to create beautiful, optimized landing pages without needing to learn HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. 

  • Form follow-up emails: Send up to three automated emails after form submissions to start nurturing and converting leads. 

*As of Nov 1, 2019, the price for Marketing Hub Starter will be $50/month with 1,000 contacts included. Additional 1,000 contacts start at $50/month. Customers who purchased Marketing Hub Starter or Sales Hub Professional prior to November 1, 2019 will be given access to the new features as they are made available without seeing a change in price. 





Service Hub Updates

Knowledge Base Article Access

  • Now you have the ability to customize article access based on your HubSpot lists, which allows you to share more knowledge with customized audiences. A new editor, gives you more flexibility to personalize your knowledge base and you can also now import your existing knowledge base right into Service Hub, so you won’t ever have to rebuild it.

Knowledge Base Article Access

*These updates are now live and available to all Service Hub Professional users.

Advocacy Automation and Feedback Reporting

  • New workflows can trigger email outreach based on survey data and you can now deliver feedback surveys in new ways, like on your website, and gain new insights through feedback reporting.

Advocacy Automation and Feedback Reporting

*Advocacy automation and improved feedback reporting are now live in Service Hub Professional and Enterprise.

Sales Hub Updates

Sales Hub Improvements

  • Remove friction with frictionless sales! You can now start a task queue from any saved task filter , allowing you to get through that to-do list quicker. Get more control over automated meeting reminder emails and remove forms on meetings links for known contacts.

*Live and available to all Sales Hub users.


Planned Sales Hub Professional updates include:

  • Buy-now button: Create a call-to-action that directly connects a product in your product catalog to an online purchase in Stripe. 

  • eSignature: Get digital signatures for quotes. No more printing and sending hard copies. 

  • Calculated properties: Create fields that roll up data from other fields.

*As of Nov 1, 2019, the price for Sales Hub Professional will go up to $500/month with 5 paid users included, and $100/month for each additional paid user.


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