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HubSpot has recently announced several improvements in their Sales, Marketing, Product, and Service Hubs. Here, we breakdown the most recent HubSpot updates and show you how they can be helpful to you and your team.

Sales HubSpot Update

Office 365

  • If you are an Office 365 user, now you can send meeting invites to contacts right from the CRM. You’ve always been able to use Meetings to share your availability, but sometimes you might just need to send a meeting invite. When scheduling a meeting directly from the CRM, it will automatically appear on your calendar and on the contact timeline, and an invite will be sent to the contact.



  • Now all quotes will have a mandatory expiration date. By default, all quotes will expire after 90 days of being created, but you can adjust this time limit when creating the quote.


  • Quote cards will now show an expiration date on the status of the quote, and expired quotes have a new looking field.

    When a prospect tries to access an expired quote, they will need to reach out to their sales rep, who will only be able to access the quote by pdf. HubSpot made this change because expired quotes can make negotiation difficult.

Custom Deal Probabilities

  • Sales managers need accurate forecasting, and in order to do that they must set up close probabilities for deals. With that in mind, Hubspot added a custom win probability feature that allows you to define an exact win probability. That means more precise forecasting and a more successful sales team.


hubspot deals pipeline sales updates

Attachments for Bots

  • Now you can use bots to upload and send attachments to your website visitors. That could be a pdf, a targeted content offer, gifs, or images. It also allows you to give quick answers to your customers and improve their experience on your website.

Email Updates in Conversations

  • Within your Conversation inbox, you can start a new email from any shared email account using the same email communicator you are already using elsewhere in HubSpot.
  • A simplified reply editor is now available to respond to emails. This works similarly to live chat, making replies easier and faster.
  • Now you also have the ability to Reply All Support. This allows you to send to multiple email addresses, plus the ability to change the From email address.
  • If you are a Professional or Enterprise user, HubSpot updated the number of inboxes from 10 to 100.

Multiple Stores in Shopify

  • Previously, you could only connect one Shopify store on HubSpot, but now you can connect multiple and get a full picture of your business in one window. Each store can have its individual Settings page with its own set of e-commerce embedded workflows. Contact and Deals now have a property called Source Store that allows you to report, filter, and view data from individual stores or all of them at once.

hubspot ecommerce page update


Marketing HubSpot Update

Social Reports

  • Track your social posts from your connected accounts even when they are not created directly from HubSpot. This helps your Marketing Strategy to stay on track as you post on the go.
  • New metrics: Impressions and Number of Shares are now available so you can see how your company is performing on social.

hubspot updates on social media report page


  • Reset a Form to create a new submission in order to clear pre-populated information. HubSpot submits forms using cookies, and this is great if one person submits multiple forms because that keeps the database updated.However, if multiple people are submitting forms on your website from the same browser, the contact information is overwritten, and it takes manual work to restore the correct contact information from this person. Now, by turning on the Options tab on the Forms editor, you will give customers the option to Reset Form, and clear any pre-populated information ensuring that at every submission a new contact is created.
  • Also under Forms, you can access a new drop-down on the phone number field called Country Code. This ensures International numbers are entered correctly. Just click the pencil icon on Phone Number field to enable that.

hubspot new dropdown for international numbers


Pop-up Forms

  • Now you have the option to make your GDPR checkbox on your Forms, Pop-ups, or Meeting links required for all submissions. This helps you stay in compliance while collecting data from your customers.
  • Schedule a Pop-up form to go live and even unpublish itself at a certain date and time. This is great if you are running a time-sensitive campaign and only want a content offer available during a certain period of time.

Product HubSpot Update

Plain Text Emails on Workflows

  • Now you can create plain text automated emails in a few clicks without leaving your workflow. Before, you would have to go back to emails, but now it's available all on one screen. You can check this out under Company > Deal > Ticket and Quote > Base > Workflows.






Service HubSpot Update

Inline Tickets Updates

  • If you use Tickets and Conversations together, you will now see updates of Tickets inside of Conversations. Also, new threads will appear to let you know if a Ticket has been created or changed stages. This tells you what’s going on with Tickets that are associated with the people that you are talking to, and you don’t have to go back to the Ticket to figure out this information. This gives you context inside Conversations, making it easier and faster to use the tool.

Assignment Associations

  • When a user is assigned to a conversation in the inbox, HubSpot will now assign any associated Tickets to that user as well. This will save time and make it easier to use Tickets and Conversations together.

Customer Feedback

  • Super admins can now delete individual feedback responses for any type of survey. So if you ever have a customer that has wanted to change their response or delete their response, admins can delete those to keep your data clean and up to date.

hubspot updates on customer feedback dashboard

Feedback Dashboard

  • This new screen consolidates data and allows you to do way more from one screen. You can create and manage all your surveys from this one window.


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