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If you use HubSpot, the monthly product updates are a must to keep track of, so you can stay up-to-date with all the new features, tools and changes to the platform. Feel free to read our blog or watch the video below.   

HubSpot Product Updates: December 2019

  • Sales Hub & CRM
  • LinkedIn AD Creation
  • New AD Reports
  • New Single Page Canvas for Chatflow Builder
  • In BETA: Custom Targeting for Conversations
  • Knowledge Base
  • NPS Surveys
  • Optimizations
  • Rich Text Updates
  • HubSpot Video in Sequences
  • Salesforce Sync Health
  • Gravity Forms 




Sales Hub & CRM

  • Export data now from 4 key analytics tools for Professional and Enterprise customers
    • Contact Analytics
    • Sales Content Analytics
    • Sales Team Productivity
    • Service Team Productivity

  • Funnel Reports Improvements
    • You can now see cumulative conversion percentages alongside the next step conversion percentages and this only impacts funnel reports that show deals that have been through all stages of the funnel.
  • Revenue Analytics Tool (for Sales Hub Enterprise)
    • You can now see projected recurring revenue in future times ranges and you can drill down to see the deals that comprise each revenue category. 

  • Updates for Admins
    • Can now keep track of last user activity
    • Can now access all private dashboards

  • Updates for Sales Reps
    • Priority tasks 
    • Can add comments to notes, calls and meetings logged in the CRM

LinkedIn AD Creation

  • This includes a form inside the AD itself which is pre-flled with the LinkedIn users profile information
    • Turn on lead syncing for these to automatically sync over to HubSpot which can then be used in lists and automation
    • If new to LinkedIn ADs, receive $100 of free AD credits to get started

New AD Reports

  • 6 new reports have been added to the report library for dashboards to help you monitor and optimize your AD campaigns. These are located under 'Reports', "Dashboards', 'Add Report', 'Marketing, 'Ads'
    • Ad impressions by social network

    • Ad clicks by social network

    • Ads attributed contacts by social network

    • Ads attributed customers by social network

    • Ad campaigns with cost per click

    • Ad campaigns with cost per contact

New Single Page Canvas for Chatflow Builder

  • Updated the chatflow building experience to be in a single page so you can see the everything in one place

In BETA: Custom Targeting for Conversations

  • Now you can personalize your chat and pop-up form strategy even more with advanced targeting and additional triggers to help you reach the right visitors
    • Live now for Pop-up forms and in BETA for Conversations

Knowledge Base

  • Now has custom templates
  • Now add callouts and tables to your articles from the editor

NPS Surveys

  • You can now create and send multiple NPS surveys allowing you to survey different sets of customers all at once
    • You can also clone and delete surveys and have multiple surveys running at the same time


  • Customize images optimization quality when inserting images into content

Rich Text Updates

  • You can now edit and style tables with Rich Text modules
  • Find personalization tokens and make inline edits
  • Improve the visuals of anchors links

HubSpot Video in Templates & Sequences

  • Sales and customer service teams can now leverage 1:1 video 

Salesforce Sync Health

  • Sync Health tab is now the first tab when looking at your Salesforce integration to easily check its status and identify errors
    • Distinct error categories so you can easily address and fix errors
    • Sign up for sync error notifications on an instant, daily, weekly basis

HubSpot Add-on for Gravity Forms

  • Now you can use Wordpress gravity forms and HubSpot together making sure all conversions on a Wordpress website get added into the HubSpot CRM



That concludes the December 2019 Product Updates for HubSpot.

For more information, you can always check out the HubSpot Product Updates blog or book a complimentary 30min chat with us about any of your HubSpot needs.

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