Tips On How To Find New Linkedin Connections

10k linkedin connections hubspot consultant

Part 1: Why LinkedIn Matters

Years ago I started investing in my personal LinkedIn. Today I get to celebrate this milestone!

10k linkedin connections hubspot consultant

When I was first establishing my career I could see that this platform was acting like a search engine and that I could optimize my profile to show up in search results.

First I just focused on making sure potential employers could find me and see a highly relevant profile of my experience.

Later on, when I became an entrepreneur, I realized that my own reputation was just as important as my business reputation. The business may not always be around but I sure will!

When I exited my agency recently the first thing I did was update and optimize my LinkedIn for the new direction I was going in. Within a short time, I had a viable new business with great fit clients finding me on LinkedIn.

Today I see many people use LinkedIn like a bought email list. I see people connect then spam, giving no time to acclimate to the new connection.

For me, the value has been in the connections I have made over time not overnight.

I have a highly relevant and interesting newsfeed because the majority of my connections are entrepreneurs, marketers, designers, and salespeople. This encourages me to share, comment, and like which builds a more authentic social relationship than just sending an unsolicited direct message.

It is from these interactions that I have been able to mine new opportunities that are not limited by the business I am currently associated with.

I encourage you all to invest in your personal brand and personal LinkedIn alongside any organizations, you are currently growing. It may come in handy one day!


Part 2: How to Find New Connections

When you are new to LinkedIn or have a small network it is actually hard to grow your connections. This is because unless a person is within 3 degrees of connection to you, you have limited access to view or interact with those people.

Below are some tips to help get started with building your network on LinkedIn. Even if you have an established network on Linkedin You may find some new tricks you have not tried.


Starting LinkedIn Connection Tactics

Upload Email Lists on LinkedIn - Connect LinkedIn to your email provider or upload your lists to find people you know that are on the platform or to invite new users to join and connect with you.

Found here:

linkedin import hubspot consultant

LinkedIn Group Members
- When you join a group you now get a "free pass" to connect with any member no matter the degree of connection. Not only this, but you can also directly message any member of a group you are in.

Found here:, then click "See All"

linkedin groups hubspot consultant


Mid-Level Linkedin Connection Tactics

LinkedIn Search - LinkedIn search used to be a starting tactic but in recent years LinkedIn has limited search results in order to give more relevance to their Sales Navigator tool. You can still do quite a bit with the search tool to find relevant people to connect with.

Found here: Top left when logged in. Once searching use filters to narrow.

linkedin search hubspot consultant

Recommended Connections
- When you start to expand your network LinkedIn begins to collect potential connections they think you may want to connect with. You can quickly build your network by clicking on all the relevant suggestions they send your way. Be careful though, when you try and connect with too many people in a short period of time you will trigger LinkedIn commercial Use Limit and get presented the option to purchase LinkedIn Sales Navigator. If you hit the limit you can remove some of your old LinkedIn connection requests here.

Found here:

linkedin recommended  hubspot consultant

Advanced Linkedin Connection Tactics

LinkedIn Profile Viewers - As your network begins to grow, other people will look at your profile. You can see who has viewed and if you are not connected you will be given a button to connect.

Found here:

linkedin profiles views hubspot consultant

LinkedIn Comments/Likes
- Within your Linkedin newsfeed or viewing activity of people in your network you will find posts that may have comments or likes. When hovering over people interacting with these posts that you are not connected with, will present you with a connect button.

Found Here: 

LinkedIn Comments



Do you have any network expanding tips on LinkedIn that I missed? Comment below and I will add you to the list with a backlink to your LinkedIn!

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