September 2020 Product Updates (INBOUND ANNOUNCEMENTS!)

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2020 has been a big year in a lot of ways.

Turns out, it’s a big year for HubSpot, too! At Inbound 2020, HubSpot announced some very exciting new features – we might even say pivotal.

Most of these are around Sales Hub Enterprise, but we’ve got a few additional updates at the end. Stay tuned!


Sales Hub Enterprise

Sales Hub Enterprise is aiming to fix all of the classic issues that come with a legacy CRM. You know the type. Those databases that are frankensteined together with add-ons and every kind of integration – ultimately costing more, and being a massive pain in the rear to sales reps who want to spend more time selling and less time getting lost in their own database.

Part of the reason this issue is so common is because most CRMs cater to budget holders (i.e., IT) and not to salespeople. And since IT tends to value power x price, while sales values ease-of-use, there’s often a disconnect.

The new Sales Hub Enterprise aims to tickle the fancy of both IT and sales peeps. Some of these new features are also available at the Professional tier, which we’ll make note of for you.


All-New CRM Tools

It’s important to be able to accurately reflect the structure of your business in your tech stack. HubSpot’s introduction of Custom Objects and advanced Permissions makes that even more feasible.

Custom Objects

We know what you’re thinking: 



A lot of companies haven’t relied on -- or are frustrated with -- HubSpot as a front-office system because it’s historically been limited to specific set of standard objects (i.e., deals, objects, tickets, contacts, and products). If you wanted to keep track of something like shipments or SaaS subscriptions or anything else unique to your business, there wasn’t a good way to do it.

Enter custom objects! These will feel familiar to you, because there functionality is identical to the standard objects you use all the time. Simply view, edit, and report on data sets exactly as you would with standard objects.

That being said, please note that custom objects are highly technical.



At the very least, you’re going to want to take the CRM Implementation Certification.

If you don’t want to take any chances, team up with your favorite revops agency (pssst….we’ve been working with custom objects since they were in beta).


Advanced Permissions

These are going to be a blessing for sales teams that are scaling or want to scale; companies with new acquisitions; and companies with multiple brands.

One thing we’ve seen happen in companies that scale quickly without a revops department is that the data, emails, workflows, and sequences in their HubSpot turn very Wild West. People are making all kinds of decisions without processes or standards to keep them in check.

The new advanced Permissions enable you to lay down more bumper rails. (We’re mixing our metaphors, we know, but bowling with wild gunslingers is a surprisingly accurate depiction of client servicing sometimes.)



In other words, you can micromanage the crap out of who can do what in the system. Ahhhhh, just a few settings changed and your people can enjoy minimal distractions + squeaky-clean data. Just the way everyone likes it.

The new Permissions are three-fold:

  1. Field-level Permissions are available to enterprise users only, and let you, the admin, control which users or teams can edit which properties.
  2. Asset partitioning (available to Professional tier and up) lets you control what data, assets and content are viewable to specific users/teams.
  3. Record customization (available to Professional tier and up) allows you to create custom layouts by matching records to what it is that a team needs to be able to view.


AI & Sales Engagement

Automation makes everyone’s lives easier. HubSpot is continuously developing subtle ways to automate.

E.g., contact info can now be enriched with data from a given contact’s email signature, tasks can be auto-created, and Professional/Enterprise ABM tools can auto-suggest target accounts based on data in the CRM.

Mobile Updates

Additionally, HubSpot has upgraded their mobile app to be more intuitive and automated. You can now effortlessly send tracked emails with all your go-to meeting links and email templates. HubSpot has even introduced a keyboard that integrates with other platforms (e.g., Slack, Messages, WhatsApp), allowing sales reps to immediately access content from HubSpot (i.e., Snippets, Meeting Links, Documents Quotes, and more!)


Sales reps can now bulk enroll up to 50 contacts in a sequence, pause tasks depending on task completion, manually add additional emails to a sequence for an extra hit of personalization, and add LinkedIn-related tasks that can be executed on from inside HubSpot.

HubSpot has also introduced a “Today” view that gives reps a centralized command center where they can see a list of their day’s tasks. Just navigate to Sales > Tasks. That will take you right to the new Today view :-) This is available to all Sales Hub users.


Configure Pricing Quote (CPQ) Tools

This is a juicy one. HubSpot has been making iterative improvements to quoting functionality. Early in 2020 they gave us products, custom product properties, a line-by-line editor and SKUs.

Custom Quotes is now in beta for Professional and Enterprise. Users will be able to create gorgeous looking proposals thanks to HubSpot bridging Quotes with the CMS and Design Manager. That means your quotes can now be on-brand – and not boring!

Speaking of not-boring, HubSpotters are also getting access to helpful accounting integrations with platforms like Quickbooks, Netsuite or any of HubSpot’s global accounting partners. Now you can create invoices, associate tax codes, and use multi-currency syncing with your accounting software. Available to all Sales Hub users in the Marketplace.

Oh, and if you’re really technical, you can use this new accounting extension to DIY your own solution. (If you’re not technical, you know who to call.)


image 4


Sales Analytics

Some of us are still stuck in spreadsheets. We get it. There are a few members of the Remotish team that live and breathe spreadsheets.


image 4

^Real life footage of Remotish's wise and benevolent CEO. 

However, with the new sales reporting, HubSpot’s giving us every reason not to. If they ever introduce a way of spreadsheeting grocery lists, potential baby names and household budgets, maybe we’ll give up on spreadsheets altogether.

But far as business goes, every update seems to get us closer to One Hub to Rule Them All. There’s less and less of a need to spread data out across systems. For one thing, HubSpot has introduced even more out-of-the-box reports. If you ever felt overwhelmed by the abundance of out-of-the-box reports before…you may actually not like this update.

The new sales analytics reports give you all kinds of insights into your pipeline. A few highlights include snapshots of historical pipeline data, deal change history reports and manual forecast reports.

Other Updates!

Here’s an overview of some of other good things that are either here or on the horizon:

  • Marketing Contacts (coming soon). Who wants to pay for contacts they’re not marketing to? No one. Soon you’ll be able to store up to 1 million non-marketing contacts in HubSpot…for free!

  • New ABM Tools. Anyone who’s tried to do ABM out of HubSpot probably hasn’t had an easy time of it. The good news is that this is changing: New tools help you tailor content to different stakeholders within an account. Catch the big fish with new account level targeting via the LinkedIn Ads integration, an account overview sidebar, and ABM playbooks.

  • CRM-Based Marketing. Most marketing is mediocre and so most of it gets tuned out. The only way to be heard is to take a personalized approach to marketing, and that can only be done with data. HubSpot now offers CRM-powered marketing for your email, segmentation, automation, and more.

September was a big month! If you’re curious to learn more about any of these updates, or you’re an enterprise-level business that’s not using HubSpot’s CRM yet, feel free to book a chat with one of our experts.

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