Remotish Employee Spotlight: Leandro Morabito

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In the spotlight series, we bring in one Remotish team member at a time for a quick chat about marketing, career, HubSpot, and life. Today we are introducing another one of our employees: Leandro Morabito. 

Leo is our IT Specialist, a.k.a. our in-house computer guru. He was livestreaming games before Twitch was even a thing! 

You can read or listen to the interview below:

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Work Life


What is your role at CMO?

Alright, so my main role is actually make sure everything's operational. So I'm an IT Support Specialist. So I'm the guy behind the scenes to make everything work without hiccups.


That's a tough question, Chiara. Well, usually I start my work at 11am but around 10:30 I take a nice shower, a great cup of coffee, because I love coffee, obviously. Who doesn't right? Then I make sure the most urgent questions and work get done first.

What is your favorite HubSpot tool?

There are so many. But let me see, I think I think it would be the tools, for example, the workflows as well. Yeah. I mean, I would say the workflows.

What’s the best thing about remote life?

I like the flexibility. So, you know, I can be so much more productive working remotely than I used to be working at the office. So I would go for the flexibility.

What blogs, Podcasts, groups, etc. would you recommend our readers follow?

Man, there is a lot. But Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki is one of my favorites


Life Life

What do you do when you are not Hubspotting for our clients?

I have a lot of hobbies. So I basically when I'm not training my ninja skills (just kidding). So I mean, basically, I'm a gamer so I like play games online. I also do hiking. Here in California, we're lucky enough to have so many different mountains.


Wow, that's a really big question. I definitely can't take the whole day responding the question, Chiara, but I would try to be as simple as possible. My purpose: Why am I here, right? To coexist, I would say. To live in peace with each other. Also to be better.

I remember one time hiking at Cowles Mountain. I was listening Joe Rogan podcast, he was talking about life and one of his code was not to try and find the formula to become younger, but to age better. Oh, man, that one actually really hit me really hard. So we always would like to be somebody that we are not. And then we end up forgetting our purpose to be here. So basically to coexist to live harmony with everyone.

What is your motto or personal mantra?

Okay. So it's a funny one though, since I'm a gamer, right? So I would say life is too short to pay to play bad video games. You don't want to waste your time actually playing a game that sucks.


Observation. So I'm a little shy of a guy can tell, but I'm kinda like Superman, you know, with the X ray, identifying the issues analyzing most of the time. Being quiet in my little corner here, but actually, I'm observing everything.

Where do you live and why do you love living there?

I live in California, located in San Diego, and I love everything here. The weather is perfect. Everything, everything and what actually triggers me more is basically the mountains. You know, I've been out other places in the United States as well. But California is the one to identify myself more.


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