Nicole Turner Featured In '23 Tips for Tracking Sales in HubSpot CRM'

23 Tips for Tracking Sales Activity with HubSpot CRM

Chief Martech Officer's, HubSpot Specialist - Nicole Turner, was recently featured in Databox's blog entitled, '23 Tips for Tracking Sales Activity with HubSpot CRM.'

Do you track your sales activity in the HubSpot CRM? If not, it's time to start! Getting into this habit can assist you with planning and forecasting sales with confidence.

In this blog, we recap what this post was all about and link to it so you can go check out the original for yourself. 

What Are Sales Metrics?

When we talk about 'metrics' in business, we are talking about data points that represent something.

So in the case of 'sales metrics', this refers to an individual, team or company-wide performance. They can track everything from the progress of achieving goals, forecasting for future growth, identifying issues, strategies that need to be modified and more. 

Common Sales Metrics 

When discussing analytics about your business's website, you often hear experts saying, 'you can’t manage what you don’t measure'... well the same is true for sales. 

Assumptions and intuition are risky and not a smart way to guide the decisions and strategies salespeople need to help grow a business. Companies that experience success have figured this out. They measure everything, track everything and continue to refine processes and train staff until they reach their goals. 

Now you might be thinking, so what types of sales metrics are commonly used? Things to consider are:

  1. Total revenue
  2. Revenue by product or product line
  3. Market penetration
  4. Percentage of revenue from new business
  5. Percentage of revenue from existing customers (cross-selling, upselling, repeat orders, expanded contracts, etc.)
  6. Year-over-year growth
  7. Average lifetime value (LTV) of user or customer
  8. Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  9. Number of deals lost to competition
  10. Percentage of sales reps attaining 100% quota
  11. Revenue by territory
  12. Revenue by market
  13. Cost of selling as a percentage of revenue generated

Sales Metrics Tracked In The HubSpot CRM

With regards to the list above, Databox surveyed 45+ sales pros and the most common data sales teams were tracking in the HubSpot CRM specifically are as follows:

  • Deals Closed Won
  • Deals Created 
  • Closed Won Amount 
  • Number of Meetings
  • Number of Emails Sent
  • Number of Calls Made

In addition, the original post by Databox listed the following 23 tips to help you effectively track sales activity within HubSpot. 

  1. Don’t lose sight of the big picture
  2. Analyze the number of leads contacted to sales made
  3. Track repeat purchases and total revenue for each customer
  4. Map out all of your different client journeys
  5. Define your life cycle and deal stages properly
  6. Set up detailed deal workflows
  7. Keep lead statuses up-to-date
  8. Create custom call and meeting types
  9. Use the mobile app
  10. Track when emails are opened, clicked and replied to
  11. Track sales email, not all email activity
  12. Use HubSpot’s Sales Team Productivity Tool
  13. Create a sales productivity dashboard
  14. Create custom tags
  15. Monitor the original lead source
  16. Implement HubSpot’s tracking links
  17. Segment sales qualified leads (SQLs) by lead status
  18. Use Hubspot score to qualify leads
  19. Get the reporting add-on
  20. Customize your main HubSpot dashboard
  21. Focus on the number of meetings conducted
  22. Be consistent with your approach
  23. Send an automated satisfaction survey

Want more detail about each tip and find out what tip our HubSpot Specialist, Nicole Turner gave?

Read the full article by clicking the button below:

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