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Remotish’s CEO, Nicole Pereira, was recently featured in The Saleslift podcast on episode #34, “Career Crafting, Intrapreneurship, Flextime…and other terms no one uses but should w/ Nicole Pereira." She was interviewed by Tyler Lindley, who is the podcast host and Senior Account Channel Manager at HubSpot.

During the conversation, she shared some of the core values of Remotish which include career crafting, intrapreneurship, and flextime, among other unique practices that help attract and retain top employees.

In this blog, we’ll recap the highlights of their conversation.

People-first Culture

By building a People Ops function in your organization, you can significantly reduce turnover. Even if your company is not big enough to be able to dedicate a whole function to it, you can still have a people-first culture. That means being transparent with your employees about how they can get promotions, raises, and benefits. Most importantly, don’t let process and platform define your people. The people come first and they help develop the processes and platforms.



Giving your team the opportunity to learn the jobs of other colleagues can help everyone go on vacation without worrying about their job. A cross-trained team is able to solve any problem without relying too much on one person. 

That’s also a great opportunity to expose your team members to other roles that might interest them. People’s interests change over time, and cross-training might open a future opportunity to reallocate someone in the company instead of losing the talent because the employee wants to try something different. 



As a big advocate of remote work, Nicole offers to her team the ability to make their own monthly schedule. That means if you feel more productive at unconventional times of the day or on the weekends, it’s not a problem, as long as you deliver your work on time and hit the target hours of the month. 

This is a great practice to allow employees to align their personal schedules with their professional schedules. With a growing team working from different locations and time zones, flextime has become an essential part of the Remotish company culture.


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