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Remotish’s CEO, Nicole Pereira, was recently featured in the Inbound Back Office podcast on the episode #172, “How to Service Clients with a Flex Remote Team”. She was interviewed by Amy Foley, podcast host and co-founder of the company Inbound Back Office. 

Nicole shared with Amy how she established one the main core values of Remotish, which is being a flextime remote agency. 

In this blog, we’ll recap the highlights of their conversation.

**Disclaimer: this episode was recorded before our rebranding to Remotish, so you will see and hear about our old name, Chief Martech Officer.

After exiting an in-office agency, Nicole created Remotish with the intention to be a remote and flextime agency. That’s because she realized this setup is the future, and it’s how you can offer a better quality of life to employees.


How Can Your Company Transition to Remote Work?


A lot of traditional companies resist remote work because of a lack of trust on their team. If you can’t foster community, loyalty and collaboration in office, you won’t be able to create that remotely, either. 

With that in mind, Nicole started Remotish with a lot of trust in her team from day one, and she worked daily on starting fun conversations with them via Slack so they had a chance to bond and get to know each other. 

Knowing that there are human beings on the other side of the screen who care about you and the company makes a big difference when you’re not working in person or at the same time of day.

Another important aspect of remote work is that it is suited for a more technical worker, who is more organized and independent. 


The Processes to Meet the Clients’ Needs While Remote

At Remotish, we have different roles and accountabilities. The Consultant focuses on making the client happy and identifying their needs, while a support person takes care of the notes and tasks to allow the Consultant to solely focus on the client. Then we have the specialists who go into HubSpot to do the work and build what the tasks ask for. To make sure the whole engine works and the team is delivering their best, we have a Client Services Manager. 

That way we are able to allow the team to work at different times and different days, but still meet deadlines and deliver high-quality and consistent client work. Everybody has a preferred schedule to work and this flextime model has allowed them to do that.

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