Nicole Pereira Featured In 100+ Incredible Business Travel Tips

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Chief Martech Officer's, CEO and Founder, Nicole Pereira was recently featured in Lola's blog entitled, '100+ Incredible Business Travel Tips.'

In this recap, learn some valuable tips and tricks from experienced travelers for when social distancing ends and we can go back to exploring, adventures and travel for business.

Frequent Flyers & Savvy Business Travelers Unite

Traveling doesn't come easy to everyone.

Some people enjoy the adventure of it all and some hate the idea of change of any kind. Business travel can be even more difficult, as your try to manage your workload and the difficulties with movement to various locations, connections to wifi, travel delays, traffic, missed flights and more. Whether your traveling for business or pleasure, it can all seem overwhelming at times. 

Since Lola's network is full of businesses that travel, they decided to reach out and gather everyone's favorite tips. 

Advice is broad ranging from trying to reduce finances if you are traveling for business, ways to save money in general if you are traveling on holiday, how to keep monthly expenses and credit card purchases under control and even random issues with clothing, power and some things to keep in mind if you are traveling to a different country other than your own. 

The Top 13 Tips

The received so much good advice, that they decided to highlight the top 13 tips and then list the remainder after that. Their top 13 are below:

  1. Take the first flights/trains out in the morning
  2. Make an ‘Oh Sh*t’ bag 
  3. Carry your hotel’s business card with you 
  4. Know your company’s T&E policy 
  5. Be aware of any city- or airport-specific rideshare legislation 
  6. Get to know the flight attendants and hotel staff 
  7. Utilize the comments section of your hotel booking 
  8. Get the AMEX platinum credit card 
  9. Make reservations at restaurants before you get to your destination
  10. Carry at least 100 USD cash in local currency 
  11. Use the plane time to work on yourself 
  12. International travelers should download the Mobile Passport app 
  13. Invest in a high-quality suitcase 

To get more details about each of the tips above and find out what the remaining are, click the button below:

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