Nicole Pereira featured in ‘5 CRM Best Practices You Can Apply Today’

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Remotish’s CEO, Nicole Pereira , was recently featured in Tye’s blog post entitled 5 CRM Best Practices You Can Apply Today.

As a RevOps agency, we spend a lot of time migrating, cleaning, and strategizing about our client’s CRMs. We're always improving our knowledge in the area. If you have been reading our RevOps blog, you’ve probably read about topics like managing duplicate records, workflows, and the importance of establishing processes in any organization. These are all part of a healthy CRM!

In this blog, we recap what many experts shared with Tye about CRM best practices.

CRM Overview

A CRM is a Customer Relationship Management system used to store all your contact information, allowing you to keep track of the whole customer journey. This data will help you work on possible campaigns, identify trends in your sales and marketing, and more. 

One of the most important items to consider when using a CRM is to maintain clean data. Duplicated information and issues related to naming protocols (i.e. symbols, typos, different ways to spell the same thing, abbreviations) are big offenders that create data you can't trust. Standardizing these items is essential to successfully use a CRM system.


With all your data in place, creating automation will help you reduce human error, and save your team’s time. For example, if you assign your sales team leads by State, have a workflow to do this job for you so your sales reps can focus their time on selling!

Team Training

After working hard to get all your leads in a CRM and making sure you have automation in place to help your team to be more effective, you need to make sure the system is being adopted across the company.

Sometimes people might resist change, such as learning a new system or creating a new habit. That’s why it is so important to put team training on your schedule and set goals. This will help you guide your team to learn the tools they need, one step at a time.

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