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Remotish Martech HubSpot Release notes, which connects content, thought leadership, and event-based education, now features monthly HubSpot release notes from Remotish team members.

Because HubSpot releases new features almost every day, these articles are curated to include the most exciting updates the Remotish team has seen over the past few weeks.

May's article discussed updates such as:

  • Relaunching Service Hub 
  • Customizable quote templates
  • RevOps certification 
  • HubSpot payments and invoices improvements

The team at Remotish had a few recent releases they were excited about, which MarTech removed from the final article to shorten it. Luckily, you can read them here!

Matt Zelasko, HubSpot Strategist, said, “Really, all of the Service Hub additions because it's been a big reason a lot of companies don't have the three main customer-facing teams on HubSpot. It's not been good enough to lure more advanced success teams onto it. It's really less about the individual features and more the big picture.” So these improvements could help more companies adopt HubSpot as a cross-functional revenue operations platform, by adding their service team to a tool their sales and marketing teams may also be using. 

Adam Stahl, Sr. HubSpot Strategist, said, “Custom Quote Templates feel like a no-brainer to me for businesses that are currently using the Quotes tool in HubSpot and have the resources or budget to create one. In that scenario, it presents an amazing opportunity to further expand your branding and wow your leads or customers with a tool your business already relies on.”

Jesse Spencer-Davenport, Digital Project Strategist, said, “If you're looking to connect the dots between customer expectations, delivering services, and building robust teams and processes to become more effective, the HubSpot RevOps certification is a wonderful resource. It blends practical advice with high-level concepts in an easy-to-consume format that is guaranteed to give everyone of any skill level something to work at.”

Liam Redding, HubSpot Strategist, said, “While there is certainly value to customizing the lifecycle stage to meet the needs/process of your business, you must be thoughtful and careful when implementing because it fundamentally changes the way your CRM interacts with that critical piece of data. Every other area where that function is useful (i.e. Attribution Reporting) will be impacted, as well as other departments that may rely on that property for a different purpose than your use case.”


June's article discussed new features such as:

  • The Professional level of Hubspot now includes Enterprise features such as Playbooks and call transcription
  • The Salesforce HubSpot integration includes new filtering options
  • Meeting links can include payment links
  • Line items in Quotes and Deals can now use fractional quantities
  • Social media creation and scheduling tools are now more efficient
  • Comment tools are upgraded inside Forms and Campaigns 

Adam Stahl, Sr. HubSpot Strategist, said the improvement in filters in the HubSpot Salesforce integration are "small but mighty" because of the reasons why historical data may or may not need to come over into the other tool. "A company may have been using Salesforce for a decade but recently added HubSpot to their tech stack. If Salesforce remains their primary CRM, they may not want to import every lead and every up-to-decade-old interaction...and they now have an easy way to follow through on that decision right in the integration.”

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