Mariana Godsen Featured in 'Cleanup Your Bad CRM Data Like the Pros Do'

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Remotish's HubSpot Implementation Specialist,Mariana Godsen, was recently featured in Databox's blog entitled 'Cleanup Your Bad CRM Data Like the Pros Do'.

As HubSpot RevOps experts, we are always on the lookout for bad data that needs to be cleaned up in our database and our client’s databases. This is an essential part of working in the digital world that will affect sales, marketing and service since all parts of a business rely on data to perform well.

In this blog, we recap what many experts shared with Databox about how to clean up bad data.

Identifying Bad Data and Its Impacts

Bad data can be defined as any record that is duplicated, has missing information, its somehow unformatted or any information that cannot easily be found in search results or used in the CRM.

Most of us have experienced the consequences of bad data, such as:

  • Two different sales reps calling the same lead
  • Bad sales and marketing decisions based on untrustworthy data
  • Marketing campaigns with low performance
  • Low website traffic
  • Inaccurate reporting
  • And ultimately, a negative impact on the company’s ROI. According to a Gartner survey, bad data costs companies $14 million per year. 

Cleaning Your Database Like a Pro

The pros interviewed in the Databox article have worked to build habits of regularly cleaning their database by merging duplicates, adding missing or updating wrong data, and standardizing fields. 

Have you scheduled a regular health check for your database on your calendar?It's time to do so. 

Check out some additional tips from the pros to keep bad data out of your CRM:

  • Audit your data
  • Create a process for importing data and assign a team member to be in charge of all imports
  • Establish a naming convention for all types of data
  • Merge duplicates
  • Limit and standardize manual entry
  • Invest in tools and software that can help you address bad data


To learn what all 67 sales and marketing experts recommended to fix click the button below and read the full article:

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