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Many people fear the day that bots will completely replace humans and eliminate most jobs. In the case of chatbots, many people still don’t believe they can be as helpful as humans. However, according to a Forbes article, chatbots will save businesses about $8 billion annually by 2022.

In this blog, we cover how HubSpot’s chatbot can serve your customers, as well as assist your sales and service teams.

The skepticism about chatbots comes from stories about humans vs. machines, but HubSpot has found that good conversations happen when humans and bots work together, explained Ari Echt-Wilson, HubSpot’s Conversational Marketing Manager at the recent San Diego HUG (HubSpot User Group). 

Mariana and Ari at the chatbots event

Chief Martech Officer's Mariana Godsen and HubSpot's Ari Echt-Wilson at SDHUG


Humans + Bots = The Best Conversational Strategy

Before you start using a chatbot on your website, you need to know your goals and ask yourself: which conversations are better suited for humans and which ones are better suited for bots? 

Humans are best at having the more strategic conversations such as negotiations, collaboration, and problem solving. To help your team focus on the human relationships, we need bots to first collect the data. 

To decide what part of the job you’re going to assign your bot, identify what questions your team is asking over and over again. What kind of information do they repeatedly collect from customers to qualify a lead? These questions are tasks you can assign a bot! 

When your bot collects this data for your sales team, a personalized conversation can start much faster.

chatbots_CMO Bot

Who Are You Solving For?

As a HubSpot user, you are probably very familiar with the concept of the customer as the center of the flywheel. In order to provide a great experience at every stage of the flywheel — Attract, Engage, Delight — you need to meet the buyer’s expectations where they are, which nowadays is the most convenient experience.

Customer experience_flywheel_chatbots

How do chatbots deliver convenience?

  • They are available 24/7, 365 days a year - that’s convenient!
  • Customers can get a response within minutes
  • Customers are part of a conversation where a need is acknowledged and value is given in return at every part of that interaction without delays.

When HubSpot launched their chatbots, they asked their customers how they would like to use it... and 36% of customers said they wanted to try it before talking to a person. That’s a bot opportunity!

From there, HubSpot understood the importance of having a chatbot define customer intent. Customers can be sent relevant articles and online resources, and they can be redirected to the right person at the right time.

HubSpot’s team also saw some interesting results when their chatbots started collecting qualifying data and defining people’s intent:

  • 75% increase in engagement
  • 182% increase in qualified leads generated
  • 198% increase in meetings scheduled for the sales team, from using the 'Book a Meeting' feature in the chatbot

Watch the video below to learn more interesting ways chatbots can grow your business.



If you’re starting a conversational marketing strategy, know that chatbots are great at assisting humans by acting as a concierge, directing visitors where they want to go, and collecting important data for the sales team.

And remember... your customer relationships do not end when you make a sale.

It’s your responsibility to nurture the relationship with your customers, so they continue buying your product or service. By including a chatbot in the process, you are guaranteed to make your customers happy by answering their questions with lightening speed.

Click here to learn how to set up a chatbot in your HubSpot account.

Click here to view Ari’s slide deck from the event.


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