June 2020 HubSpot Product Updates

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If you use HubSpot, the monthly product updates are a must to keep track of, so you can stay up-to-date with all the new features, tools and changes to the platform.

Below we've recapped what's happened since May 21, 2020.

HubSpot Product Updates


In this blog, we will go through each update below in more detail:

For all the additional updates that were from May, feel free to watch the video below:

  • Account-based Marketing
  • Field Level Edit Permissions
  • Increased Reporting Limits
  • Hubspot in Dutch
  • CMS Hub Enterprtise
  • Domain Secutityy Settings
  • Activity Logging API
  • Serverless Functions
  • Memberships
  • Event Registration
  • SingalFX
  • Attachments in Jira
  • SEO
  • Marketing Email
  • Expanded Ads Reporting

                                              Click the image below to watch the video now:

HubSpot Updates In June 2020


Video Conference Extension API

June HubSpot Product Updates_video conference extension API


As the entire world jumped onto video because of COVID-19, this update was timely.

This allows you to add video conferencing information to the meeting invite widget in the HubSpot CRM.

This helps you save precious TIME when setting up meetings. 

To do this: 

  • Integrate a video conferencing app of your choice
  • Create a meeting within a HubSpot contact record
  • Go to the video conferencing icon within the meeting pop-up
  • Add the video conferencing tool / location with one click!

*HOT TIP: learn more about the video conference extension API

*This update is now live and available to all HubSpot users.


New Features for Enhanced Slack App for Account-Based Collaboration

June Hubspot Product Updates_Enhanced Slack App for Account-Based Collaboration

There are two new features for Slack that help you collaborate around target accounts. These new updates allow you to:

  • Sync call info and notify specific Slack channel's by posting a notification to a channel to notify your team a call occurred.
    • Here's an example...
      • Call Facebook
      • After a call is started, you receive a Slack notification about that call. 
      • Now you can record the call type, outcome, and leave some notes within HubSpot. 
      • The message is now updated in Slack when you update the call in HubSpot, so that everyone on your team has clear visibility into the status and results of the call.

  • Use a '/hs-buying-committee' command to poset relevant buyer-committee info to a specific Slack channel.
    • This will pull in relevant buying committee information for the company, which can be posted directly to the channel.

*Now live and available to all Sales and Marketing Hub Professional & Enterprise customers 


Keep Tabs on how Your Content Changes With Activity Logs

June HubSpot Product Updates_Content Changes With Activity Logs

Do you struggle with keeping track of all the changes happening across your website?

Now with HubSpot CMS Hub Enterprise you can utilize the activity logs API to instantly see who's making updates at any time! 

This can give you a quick peak into things like:

  • Page updates

  • HubDB table modifications 

  • Any changes made by anyone! 

All you have to do is add activity logs into account defaults.

*In-app activity logs are now available to all CMS Hub Enterprise customers.


Manage Business Cards in HubSpot with New HubSpot-Built App for Sansan 

June HubSpot Product Updates_Sansan

Want to finally ditch paper business cards once and for all?!

Now you can with the new HubSpot-built app for Sansan!

This is a business card management software company that stores business card data so you have insights into colleagues networks and can analyze where valuable contacts were met and more.

This app allows you to automatically sync new contacts and updates from Sansan into HubSpot. You can filter,  segment and have them all in your HubSpot CRM. 

*Any HubSpot user with a paid Sansan plan will be able to sync contacts from Sansan once the app is installed.


An Improved Google Doc Import Experience in the Blog Editor

June Hubspot Product Updates_Google Doc Import Experience in the Blog Editor


Do you prefer to draft content in Google Docs because the HubSpot blog tool doesn't have SPELL CHECK?!

Come on HubSpot, I suggested this tool be added like 5 years ago!!!! 

Well, now the process is slightly less painful with this Google Doc importer.

You can copy and paste content over from Google directly into HubSpot's blog tool without entering draft mode first as its supporting new styles and formatting options.

*This is now available for all CMS Hub Professional & Enterprise customers, as well as all Marketing Hub Professional & Enterprise customers.


That concludes our June 2020 HubSpot Product Updates. 

Want to get caught up on previous updates? Here's a list from the past.

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