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In a recent Databox blog post entitled, "13 Best Project Management Tools to Manage Projects Efficiently in 2021", Remotish's Senior Operations Manager, Jen Bergren, was interviewed. Lily Ugbaja, a freelance B2B SaaS and Marketing Writer, interviewed her along with 25 other leaders in the operations industry.

Jen shared with Lily how she recommends Teamwork as a project management tool for teams that need to track time and is especially fond of its time tracking features.

Here are a few highlights from the blog:

What is a Project Management Tool and Why Is It Important?

Project management tools help teams and businesses organize their workloads and make the work of teams and businesses easier. The best tool for project management is the one that offers the least number of tools while still meeting your business needs.

Over 27% of companies handle over 5 projects at one time, whereas another 27% handle between 11-25 projects.

What Should You Look for in a Project Management Tool?

According to Databox's research, 33% of companies believe that project management tools are the most important tool.

Before selecting a project management tool, consider your specific goals and needs to ensure that the tool can adequately satisfy and accomplish them.

Project management tools are used to track and organize tasks, share files and plans, and collaborate with team members and other stakeholders. These tools should be easy to use, have efficient communication features, and have real-time reporting features.

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