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Remotish HubSpot RevOps Certification Jen Bergren

HubSpot's new Revenue Operations certification features Remotish Sr. Operations Manager, Jen Bergren, in one of the video lessons.

HubSpot Academy Professor Kyle Jepson interviewed Jen in 2021 while on the journey to create this RevOps certification with HubSpot Academy professor Mary Barba. Despite the huge increase in RevOps job titles in the past few years, there are very few RevOps certifications and formal education opportunities, or even agreed-upon definitions of the term, so this certification is a very valuable resource.

The lessons include accounting basics for communicating the value of RevOps to company leaders, advice for structuring teams and hiring for RevOps, systems management for RevOps, evaluating and iterating your RevOps strategy, and more.

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You can find Jen in the Systems Management for RevOps section, Managing Your Tech Stack lesson. She talks about concerns with messy tech stacks due to many people buying software with their credit cards, and issues with the lack of ops involvement in a company's tool approval process.

"Ops should be in charge of tool approval, if not [also] in charge of tool budgets. They should align with the team leaders including finance and IT, if those departments exist. Don't let each team in the company, especially each team member, be able to put a subscription for a new tool on a company credit card without any kind of approval process. That is setting you up for the opposite of success," Jen said. This will lead not only to financial expenses, but messy data expenses (tech debt) with so many tools that may not be properly integrated to share data, or multiple copies of the same software across different teams, which can also create dirty data, manual efforts, and incorrect reporting across the whole customer journey.

She later talks more about making sure your tech stack doesn't have costly redundancies, when existing tools, such as HubSpot, can do the same actions as other tools or as a newly requested tool. "My first response for when people request tools is if HubSpot or our project management system, which are our two most important tools, can already do what this new tool supposedly can do. [If so], it's going to be a tough negotiation to get that approved," she said.

HubSpot's Revenue Operations certification is free and relevant for anyone wanting to learn more about RevOps, whether they are a HubSpot user or not. You can sign up for a free HubSpot account if needed, to log into the Academy.

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If you want to learn more about the creation of this certification, check out this OpsCast podcast episode where our friend Mike Rizzo at MoPros interviews HubSpot's Kyle Jepson.

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