HubSpot's World Certification Week Features Two Remotish Speakers

HubSpot World Certification Week Remotish

HubSpot's World Certification Week 2022 included one full day full of speakers to kick off this education celebration.

HubSpot donated $5 to Teach for All for every HubSpot Academy certification completed during the week of May 9-13, totaling $50,000 for 2022. HubSpot detailed its efforts in providing free education and increasing access to learning opportunities for all, in a blog post after their event.

The kickoff festivities included not one, but two speakers from Remotish!

HubSpot World Certification Week Remotish Ben Rubin-1

Ben Rubin, Revenue Director, spoke about How to Build the Sales Map and Lead Your Prospects to the Right Decision.  

He spoke about conversational sales frameworks and building value in the sales process, creating a “stickiness” with yourself, seeking to lead instead of seeking to close, and more.

"If you find yourself presenting versus having a conversation, that's going to be something to ask yourself when you're pitching and going through your buying journey experiences. Do you find yourself telling someone about your product and services versus asking questions and listening? Simple concepts, two ears one mouth, we want to make sure we follow that ratio," Ben started the lesson.

Related to seeking to lead versus seeking to close, Ben said, "Are you pushing prospects through your sales process, or are you guiding them along a journey? Are you pushing? Are you talking at your prospects? Are you presenting from that large deck? Are you not asking questions? Or are you guiding? Are you on the other end of the spectrum, are you listening, carrying conversations not presentations, are you asking questions? When you go through that, it's the simple theme of the rope. This rope is the information that we uncover. This is your prospect and this is you [at each end]. If you're pushing or if your prospect is pushing you, what happens to our rope? [Rope goes slack] That's not good, but if you're leading or pulling your client in the direction of the information (the rope) that's being uncovered during your conversations, you're bringing value, " he said.


HubSpot World Certification Week Remotish Jen Bergren-1

Jen Bergren, Sr. Operations Manager, spoke about Why Documentation is Essential for Business Growth

She spoke about how documentation involves recording all of the important business information and storing that information in a central place where everyone can find it. She described how documentation allows Remotish to offer 30-hour week weeks, attract talent, onboard new employees effectively to increase revenue faster, improve processes, and iterate and experiment more efficiently. She gave an overview on how to start a culture that embraces documentation, as well as instructions on how to use the HubSpot Knowledge Base to help your documentation efforts become more adopted and streamlined within your existing tech stack.

"You can’t rely on people transmitting information in real-time through Slack or in meetings every time people need answers. That solution doesn’t scale when you add more people or more volume of requests and need for that knowledge," she said.

Jen also spoke about some of the common barriers or excuses for not creating documentation. "Documentation takes discipline. People think, 'I don't want to do it, I don't want to write it or record it. Can we automate it?' Well, parts of it [can be automated, such as] reminders to do it, but nothing is going to automatically take info from someone’s head and make it visible to the team."

To watch the recordings from all the international speakers from the kickoff event, see the link below!

Watch the Recordings
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