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HubSpot’s team just announced a few more improvements to the platform. First, a new change to the integration of HubSpot and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Then, a few additions to the Campaign tool.

Below, we explore how these improvements will make your HubSpot life easier!


HubSpot and LinkedIn InMail Integration

If you are LinkedIn user that understands the power of this social network for sales, this update will change the game for you! You are already able to access information from LinkedIn Sales Navigator on HubSpot—such as company news and lead search—but now you can also send InMail directly from the CRM. This will boost your productivity by keeping everything you need on a single page.


Campaign Tool

The Campaign tool has quite a few improvements, starting with a Dashboard redesign that will make for smoother-than-ever navigation.


The Details page now provides more data to help you get better reports from your campaigns. It now displays:

  • Closed Deals
  • Influenced Revenue
  • Campaign influence overtime
  • New and influenced contacts

Updates on hubspot campaign tool

The redesign also gives you a better overview of the page with information cards. These collapse to prevent one item from taking over the screen and makes it easy to understand information at a glance. You can choose the options Expand All and Collapse All for each card, and each campaign will remember your choice so you don’t have to do it again next time you access the page.

However, the reports will start out collapsed, displaying metrics by channel, but you can change that using the options mentioned above.


Under the Traffic card on the Details page, you can now create a tracking URL. Let’s say you are already tracking PPC and social, but want to add email. Just click Create Tracking URL under Traffic, or click Actions on the top right of the page.

Another update is the View tracking URL option that shows you which URLs contribute to traffic, including external URLs with a matching UTM campaign parameter.

hubspot campaign update on traffic card-1

Campaign Assets

Another great HubSpot update is the ability to associate or disassociate multiple assets from one place. All you have to do is to click on the Add Assets button on the top right of the page, select or deselect from the channels you want, and click Save.

Cloning a Campaign

When you clone a campaign, you can immediately click the View Campaign button and start following the progress of your cloned campaign. Prior to this improvement there was not really a place to confirm that the cloning actually happened.

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