HubSpot CRM: What You Need to Know

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If you have ever considered using a CRM system - or if you are already using one, but not sure of the benefits - this post is for you!

Why Your Growing Business Needs A CRM

A CRM (customer relationship management) is a system that stores and tracks all stages of your relationship with your customers. It helps you to easily access data related to your customers, establish processes for your sales and marketing team, and allows you to get insightful reports over time.

Most companies start collecting customer data on spreadsheets, but as you grow, good ol Excel won’t be as efficient. It makes it difficult to see a snap shot of the entire relationship you have with your contacts, and to understand which leads have the potential to become customers. Therefore, as your database and business grows, the more likely you are to benefit from a CRM system.

Why Is The HubSpot CRM Your Best Option?

Since there are several CRM's you can choose from in today's competitive software market... we'll explain why we are fans of the HubSpot CRM.

Number one: IT'S FREE. You can add 1,000,000 contacts, unlimited users, and your free access to the CRM has no time limit.

*HOT TIP: If you use HubSpot CRM with the Marketing Hub, the contacts you add to the CRM end up in both places, which could affect your Marketing Hub subscription’s contact tier pricing. 

The second reason is that it integrates with all their tools in every stage of the customer journey (sales, marketing, service and even websites), while many other CRM's focus only on the sales portion.

For example, if you use the HubSpot CMS, your website and CRM allow for personalization and analytics that would be difficult to access and implement otherwise - while most other systems are virtually operating in the background and automating your processes.

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HubSpot CRM Tools We Love

Here are some of our favorite tools in the HubSpot CRM that can make your team’s lives easier:

  • Free Email with Drag and Drop Templates

  • Manage Duplicates

  • SEO Tools
  • Workflows 
  • Integrations
  • Free Training

Free Email with Drag and Drop Templates

A free email tool is already a big win, plus this tool has drag and drop templates allowing users with no coding/ technical experience to create and customize email templates without the help of developers. 

Manage Duplicates

The duplication of data is a common problem in the CRM world. You want to keep your database as clean and organized as possible, so you do not duplicate efforts or make decisions based on misleading reports. In HubSpot, you can merge duplicate contacts and companies with the click of a button using the 'Manage Duplicates' tool. You can learn more about this tool, in our post entitled, 'Learn How To Remove Duplicates in HubSpot'.

*HOT TIP: This tool is only available for Marketing Pro and above

SEO Tools

With regards to SEO, you've probably heard of the importance of developing topic clusters for your content strategy, but do you know you can create your content and let HubSpot do some of the search engine optimization for you?

The HubSpot SEO tool allows you to create topic clusters and determine if there are any hyperlinks missing between your pillar pages, supporting contenting and related content. The tool also shows what is ranking well, and gives you recommendations on what you can improve on each one of your pages.

*Hot Tip: This tool is only available for Marketing Pro and above


HubSpot CRM_HubSpot SEO Tool


This tool will definitely save you a lot of time. Need to do a mass database update? Need to automate emails? Need to create a certain task or notify someone after an action was taken? That and a lot more can be automated in the workflow tool.

*Hot Tip: This tool is available for Sales, Service and Marketing Pro and above


If you use third-party software and want to bring data to HubSpot, there are several apps you can connect such as Zapier, Zoom, PandaDoc, Google or Outlook emails and calendars. This helps you to keep all your data accessible in the same place with the ability to filter, search and report from the CRM.

Hot Tip: Different apps are available for integration depending on your HubSpot account level

Free Training Courses 

The HubSpot Academy is a wealth of information and valuable resource for anyone that wants to learn more about sales, marketing, customer service, and websites. They offer a ton of courses and certifications focused on teaching you best practices and methodologies from SEO to Email Marketing, Social Media, Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Sales, and so much more for free.


HubSpot CRM_HubSpot Academy


The Best Things In Life Are Truly Free

HubSpot has a variety of tools and plans to fit your needs and budget. For small businesses, creating a free account can get you started with storing data, sending emails, tracking ads, and reporting. 

As your company grows and your processes get more complex, you can choose to use their sales, marketing and service hubs, and buy the level that suits your business best.

With that said, there's a lot you can do with a free account including:

  • Gmail and Outlook Integration
  • Contact and Companies Management
  • Deals
  • Email Templates, Tracking and Notification
  • Ad Management
  • And More!

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That wraps up our post on what you need to know about the HubSpot CRM.

Are you ready to get started with HubSpot CRM? Great!

1) Set up your free account.
2) Read our 'Getting Started' post that guides you through the beginning steps.

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Set up can be intimidating, but there are many online resources (see below) and some professionals (wink wink) that can help you get the job done well and quickly.

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