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How to Finesse Re-Enrollment Triggers in HubSpot

HubSpot workflow

Have you ever been stumped by a HubSpot workflow trigger not allowing re-enrollment? This week's tip covers re-enrollment in workflows and how to finesse your way around properties that can't be used for re-enrollment triggers.





Hello LinkedIn! It is Liam Redding, Senior HubSpot Strategist for Remotish agency. And I'm back today with another one minute HubSpot tip. Although, like most of the other videos, probably gonna go over a minute. This one is one that's near and dear to my heart because it's something that's super frustrating for me. And I'm sure it’s super frustrating for other HubSpot admins as well. And that's around re-enrollment criteria.

Sometimes when you use a custom property, or if you use something other than like an object trigger for your workflow, you're gonna get this, it's gonna say the ‘following enrollment conditions can't be used for re-enrollment’. And it's going to store that, and it's going to let you know, Hey, you can't use the product for re-enrollment. Well, that's an issue because if I have a process or some flow that I need to occur every time that instance is true, then I need it to have re-enrollment. And it really puts a HubSpot admin or whoever's, you know, building that workflow in a really tough place, because you can't turn it on if it's not going to work properly. And if it doesn't have re-enrollment, and it needs to, then it's not going to run properly. So there's two workarounds that I have for this that I wanted to share with you today.

Workaround 1: Use If/Then Branches and Suppression Criteria

And as we can see, right now, product one and two and a re-enrollment, is starred out. However, if we change this from selections to is known, we can now use the re-enrollment. So you can say anytime product is known, they're going to come down the workflow and every time that becomes re-known, it re-triggered the workflow. So say product was already known. And it's product one, they then purchase product two, it appends that to products, now products has become known again, they'll come back down the workflow. But then you say, “Okay, why only one, product one and product two to come down this workflow?”

Well, there's two things that you can do, you can either create an if/then branch here, and then select products, wanting to and then you would have all the actions, follow down that branch. And then anything that's not product, one or two is going to go down the none met branch, and they're not going to have any actions. The one issue is that you’re going to have contacts that are enrolled or objects that are enrolled down these workflows, that even though they didn't have any action carry through on the record, it's going to show that they were enrolled in that they completed it. So you can also use enrollment and suppression criteria by creating lists. And you can play with that, so that you can try to keep the contact or the object out of the workflow entirely. So that's one of the tips.

Workaround 2: Use Lists for Re-Enrollment

The other would be so this is based around the email subscription property. So as we can see, when I'm talking about object triggers, we have the contact, company, deal. Anytime you're using these, if it's a native HubSpot property, you can usually use re-enrollment. But if it's a custom property for any of those, or if you're trying to do across object enrollment, for example, we're in a contact based workflow right now, if we were trying to trigger based on company properties, it's going to limit you in terms of re-enrollment. So the other options down here are not contact or object properties. As we can see, email subscriptions is the one we're using here. We're saying that they have opted into demo. When we go to use that free enrollment, it's telling us we can't do anything about that, like we can't use that property.

So how do we trigger this workflow to run? Well, if you do, or when you do a list membership, you can use that same property and your list. So if we were to go look at my list, and this is quickly turning into much longer than one. But if we go back to my list, we can see this opt-in email subscription has opted into demo. So we're using the same exact logic that we would have been using in that workflow. But instead, we've now based it off of the list. You can delete that and we can use that as re-enrollment.

So those are two quick ways that you can circumvent anytime you run into a issue with re-enrollment mentioned to this hear what your thoughts are the HubSpot community if you've found any other useful workarounds for this, what issues you run into with it, how limiting you find this to be I definitely think this is something that HubSpot can improve, but in the meantime, we need to have a solution for it. And I think that these are two great ways to approach so please let me know all your thoughts, comments, concerns in the comments below. And I appreciate everybody's time. Thank you!

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