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How to Enroll Your HubSpot Portal in a New Product Beta

Enroll Your HubSpot Portal in Betas

Remember the old process of signing up for a beta? You actually had to reach out to your HubSpot rep, or have a partner reach out of your behalf. Now, you can do it yourself! HubSpot CRM Super Admins can self-manage their beta enrollment with the click of a button.




Hey LinkedIn, Happy Friday! It’s Liam Redding, HubSpot Strategist with Remotish agency, and I'm coming back to you today with another one minute HubSpot tip.

So today I wanted to highlight this Product Updates tab and the early access to betas in HubSpot. So if you click this drop down, you go to product updates. It's going to take you to this page. If you follow along with Kyle Jepsen, and you're always wondering, how does he know about all this cool information about all these cool features that are rolling out in HubSpot? Well, one he has, you know, privileged to have early access and information because he works for HubSpot, but in addition to that, he also can find that information here.

Enroll Your Portal in HubSpot Betas

So if you remember the old flow with signing up for a beta you actually had to reach out to HubSpot before or have a partner reach out to HubSpot on behalf of you to enroll your portal in that beta. Now you can do that for yourself. Empowering HubSpot admins to do their job in HubSpot without having to jump through a bunch of hoops. It's one of my newest favorite additions. HubSpot is rolling out a bunch of cool stuff.

They always do that around INBOUND, all the juicy update search rollout right around INBOUND. Got some really cool new betas that came out. One of the big ones is that data visualization. It also allows you to create a custom object, see how that, visualize how your data model works in HubSpot, all the different associations that those objects have with one another. Property validations, the cool one that just came out. Anything with HubDB is going to be cool. Workflow action to delete contacts.

I would keep my eyes on this beta page. Try to come in here every week. Stay up to date on the product updates. This is huge. So I really appreciate everybody who watched this. I know we're pushing it past a minute but it's hard to get all that information in in 60 seconds. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below that we'll be back next week with another one minute HubSpot tip.

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