How To Become An Effective HubSpot CMS User

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The HubSpot CMS is a powerful content management system.

It not only allows you to create, manage, optimize, and report on all your website activity in one place, but you also have the ability to take advantage of lead generation and nurturing with access to the HubSpot CRM and various lead capture tools. 

Sounds like a dream come true, right? 

Learn how to master the HubSpot CMS with these 4 tips.

Top 4 Ways To Become A HubSpot CMS Pro

  • HubSpot CMS Tools
  • HubSpot Marketplace
  • Develop A Naming Structure
  • Web & Traffic Analytics

1. HubSpot CMS Tools

Do you know the basic tools included in the HubSpot CMS?

The HubSpot CMS includes tools for:

  • Content Creation - (landing pages, website pages, blog)
  • Design - (design tools, marketplace)
  • SEO - (compressed images, minified JavaScript, automatic SSL provisioning, topic cluster builder, integration with Google Search Console, and the optimizations tab in the page and blog editors)
  • Website Domain Connection - (so your content can be accessed on the web)
  • File Manager - (file, image management)
  • Lead Generation and Nurturing - (reporting, forms, live chat, and CTAs)

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2. HubSpot Marketplace

An online directory of pre-made templates, modules and template packs that come with various products you might need to build a website.

What makes this so special is that these templates, modules and template packs are PRE-MADE, meaning you don't need any design or development skills and there are options for all budgets, industries and various styles to choose from.

HOT TIP: These products can be used to create a website from scratch, or add pages and modules to your existing website in HubSpot.

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3. Develop A Naming Structure

Organizing your content management system is essential in making it easy to find things.  

You can achieve this by developing a crystal clear naming structure for all assets in your design and file managers. Topics to consider in the creation of this are:

  • Campaigns
  • Services
  • Buyer Personas
  • Folder Systems
  • Publishing Month and Year

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4. Web & Traffic Analytics

This is where you monitor your website to see how its performing.

Within the web analytics dashboard, you can find various reports to help you get an understanding of how your content is performing and if visitors are engaging with it.

Below is a list of the default reports. You can also create custom reports if the default ones do not cover what you are looking to achieve.

  • Session totals by day with new and returning contact breakdown

    • This report shows you the total number of sessions each day, breaking down the sessions into new visitors or returning visitors.

  • Session totals with percentage of new and mobile sessions

    • This report shows you:

      • the total number of sessions on your website in the past 30 days;

      • the percentage of new sessions; and

      • the percentage of mobile sessions

  • Website visitor engagement rates

    • This report shows you:

      • overall bounce rate;

      • page views per session; and

      • average session length

  • Session totals by day with source breakdown

    • This report shows you the total number of sessions each day, and the traffic sources driving these sessions.

  • Website visit traffic sources by day

    • This report shows you new visitor sessions to your website broken down by traffic source.

  • Session bounce rate, average duration, and page view totals by source

    • This report shows you the bounce rate, average session length, and page view per session, for each traffic source.

  • Website visitor session by device type

    • This report shows you the number of sessions on your website per device type.

  • Session totals by country

    • This report shows you the number of sessions and the percentage of new sessions to your website, per country.

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That wraps up our post on 'How To Become an Effective HubSpot CMS User'.

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