How HubSpot Agencies Will Get You Results [5 Ways]

Stephen Covey’s popular book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, has helped many people shift their mindset and achieve results personally and professionally. So what could you be spending more time on if you eliminated your HubSpot challenges? Maybe:

  • Building stronger relationships with customers
  • Constructing a positive work culture
  • Designing a better work-life balance 

Today, were going to help you learn a few ways HubSpot Agencies create seamless experiences for their clients, giving them back precious time to focus on what they do best - run their business.

How HubSpot Agencies Save The Day

  1. Naming and Folder Conventions 
  2. Email Templates
  3. Landing Pages 
  4. Workflows
  5. Dashboards

1. Proper Naming and Folder Conventions 

naming and folders_hubspot agencies

Have you ever searched for a file in HubSpot, but couldn't find it? 

For example, you’re looking for that amazing sales deck PDF, but the file name is called, s-document-1.pdf.

Nintex states that 49% of employees said they had trouble locating documents on a daily basis. Avoid inefficiencies by having an organized naming and folder system set up in HubSpot's File Manager

The Habit’s Reward: Save time and increase productivity

2. Consistent Email Templates

email templates_hubspot agencies

The average attention span of a human is 8 seconds.

Whether you’re using plain text or an HTML template, your prospects and clients should know that the email is from you and find it easy to digest the information. 

Templates that are cluttered or change frequently can cause people move on to another email and skip the amazing copy that you wrote. 

We’ve all done this with emails in our inbox.

It also increases your chances people of that unsubscribe from you.

In addition, HTML templates will look different in various email clients, so don’t forget to test how the email will look on various devices. 

Build familiarity while providing value as the relationship grows. 

The Habit’s Reward: Improved email campaign performance

3. Landing Pages that Match Your Brand

landing page_hubspot agencies

Landing pages are an extension of your brand and they can also be the first impression you make to prospects.

Just like with emails, if your landing page has poor design, your conversions will suffer.

Invest time (and money if needed) for landing pages that represent your brand whether your choosing a template or customizing one from scratch.

Dynamite landing page designs that compliments your brand, combined with clear messages and CTAs will provide superb results. 

The Habit’s Reward: Improved conversions

4. Workflows that Make Sense

workflows_hubspot agencies

You’ve created emails and landing pages with fantastic open and conversion rates.

It’s time to optimize your workflows within HubSpot.

There are many variables and settings to consider here and can open up a plethora of issues if done incorrectly.

The biggest workflow mistakes to avoid include: 

  • Incorrectly using goals
  • Conflicting workflows
  • Misunderstanding re-enrollment
  • Forgetting delays
  • Editing active workflows

The Habit’s Reward: A fluid, automated system

5. Customizing Dashboards

dashboards_hubspot agencies


You can either manage default dashboards for your marketing, sales, service and CMS tools in HubSpot or customize them so you can see your data and analyze performance.

In addition, there are a wide array of possibilities to set up sharable reports that will help your teams make key decisions.

The Habit’s Reward: Observe performance for your entire digital presence in one spot.


This concludes our post on 5 ways HubSpot Agencies can help drive your business forward.

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