How and Why to Email Your HubSpot Dashboards

Email HubSpot dashboards

Email your HubSpot dashboards to yourself or you colleagues. Customize by date range, frequency of emails, and see how it makes reviewing your metrics even more convenient!


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Hey, LinkedIn, I got a one minute HubSpot tip for you today. It's a classic. Many of us know about it, emailing a dashboard to yourself, but I have a little twist that I like to put on it.

So if I'm building out a dashboard, I'll set all of the filters for this month so far. And then whatever I'm tracking. So for example, we’d be maybe tracking your revenue goals, you can click share, you can email this dashboard, and can set that to be recurring.

So that might be “sales revenue goals,” you can choose the internal recipients to receive that, you can add a message and then you choose Schedule. So this we’ll do monthly, you do the last day of the month. Then you can set the time 8am is fine. But then we also add an attachment for PDF, multiple charts per page, send with filters, and we schedule that email. And now I'm going to get a recurring email at the end of every month. I can tag that in my email so that every time I come in, I can get a historical look at the performance for that dashboard.

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Liam Redding is a digital marketing expert who specializes in HubSpot. The perfect blend of marketing guru and data analyst, Liam brings cutting-edge ideas and solutions for marketing, sales, and customer service alignment. Armed with a lifetime of technological experience, Liam helps his clients execute their RevOps (Revenue Operations) strategies and goals.


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