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Wistia HubSpot integration

Alex Meade of Beacons Point and San Diego HubSpot User Group teamed up with Wistia-whiz and account manager Vivien Eliasoph to host a webinar on getting the most out of your videos using Wistia.

HubSpot users will be delighted to know that HubSpot and Wistia go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Well, more like Malbec and a medium-rare steak.

With Wistia’s services, your videos live on your site, allowing you to gather all kinds of rich, juicy, delicious data in your HubSpot CRM.

In this blog, we’ll draw on our learnings from Ms. Eliasoph to explore how the integration of HubSpot and Wistia can benefit your biz.

Wistia HubSpot integration

What is Wistia?

Wistia is a video software company that features hosting, analytics, and conversion tools. Based in Cambridge, MA, the company serves over 5,000 users and is all about making business more human—it’s no wonder they’ve found kindred spirits among us HubSpot types.

Their core product allows detailed stats on videos embedded on your site.

If you aren’t using video on your website, this might be the time. In Eliasoph’s words, the question is no longer “why should we use video?” In 2019, video is table stakes.

(We’re excited to be working on our own video series at the the moment. More to come on that).

She also told us that product videos increase purchases by 144%.


Wistia Meets the Flywheel

Remember this guy?


Wistia HubSpot Integration Flywheel


Eliasoph shared ideas on how video can be applied to every stage of the flywheel. There was a caveat, however: You don’t necessarily know what stage a buyer will be at when they encounter your video.

Which is why a video that's intended to be an introduction to your brand, for example, could double as a video for engagement with established leads.

You mean a single piece of content can have twice the reach? Sounds good to us.


Video That Attracts

For the Attract phase, there may be quite a bit of overlap with the written content you already have. You can easily draw from blogs because the approach to written content and Attract-phase videos are similar. You want to:

  • Use keywords your audience is searching for
  • Entertain
  • Speak to the solution of a problem
  • Cater to your niche

When elaborating on that last point, Eliasoph pointed out that you don’t want to conflate your target audience with your target buyer.

Knowing your niche means making video content for more than that 1-2% of ideal customers because you may be missing out on a larger sphere.

Most of Wistia’s customers are creative marketers, but some of their biggest promoters are videographers—so Wistia creates content that appeals to both.


Video That Engages

When it comes to creating Engage content, you want to identify what’s drawing your audience in. This is where Wistia’s analytical prowess comes in handy. You can look at stats like number of views and more importantly, total time watched.

Eliasoph believes that total time watched is a key metric because it speaks to quality; if a video has fewer views but a longer watch time, viewers are more engaged with the content.

Wistia & HubSpot integration

The data doesn’t stop there: When you integrate HubSpot with Wistia, you can place HubSpot forms directly within video to get leads. The information entered then becomes part of your HubSpot CRM database.

Eliasoph has found that placing the form around 15% of the way through the video results in the highest conversion rates.

This integration also allows you to see what links were clicked (e.g., annotations and CTA) and how many people watched the video. You can get pretty granular, too, and view individual leads’ behavior. You can see information like:

  • Whether someone loaded a video and didn’t play it
  • What parts of a video a lead watched
  • What parts of a video a lead rewatched


Video That Delights

Eliasoph ended with some ideas on how to delight customers with video. Her challenge to the webinar attendees was to think of a place on your own websites that feels a little dry or too transactional. How can video spice it up? You might include:

  • A fun video from your team after a lead completes a form on your website
  • Email signature videos for customer-facing employees
  • Soapbox videos for new product features

Soapbox is a free Chrome extension created by Wistia. You can check it out here.


Video can level up any part of the flywheel, and if you’re a data-loving HubSpotter, you’re going to want to know who’s looking, how long they’re looking for, where they’re coming from, and all the rest.

Wistia’s seamless integration records all viewing data as a Wistia video event, visible within each contact’s record. You can even use viewing data to enroll prospects in workflows.

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