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Influencing Over $3 Million in Revenue (in One Year)

HubSpot at the center of the solar system

From Funnel Vision to Flywheel Mission

With the operational vigor and vision of an enterprise but the energy of a startup, GoSite is what we at Remotish call an ideal client.

It’s a dynamic that led to an abundance of joint successes.

Venn diagram (2)

Meet the Protagonist

But before we dive in, a bit about this story’s hero: GoSite is an all-inclusive ecommerce SaaS management platform for local service providers. Their mission is to help traditional offline businesses with the opportunity to provide their customers a modern online buying experience. 

supah j

Jager Fornal, CRO of GoSite


Given most service providers are in the field and not sitting behind a desk all day—according to Forbes 80% of the workforce is deskless—they even developed a mobile app to ensure operators can conveniently run their business on the go.  

Dubbed the 16th fastest growing company in San Diego as of 2017, they continue to expand rapidly despite a crowded marketplace. In fact, they remain one of the fastest growing SaaS companies in the nation.  

This is partially because they don’t target a specific vertical; instead, the tech company focuses on “local main street” companies like home services, lawyers, doctors, professional services, health, auto, salons, gyms, retail, and many others. 

In other words, they help smaller, locally based businesses compete against larger brands. GoSite currently services more than 5,000 local service providers with its scalable, turnkey business management solutions.


The Challenge: Building an Automated Ecosystem

With rapid growth comes a need to optimize one’s technical marketing engine. While GoSite had done an excellent job with the attract phase (they had tens of thousands of leads in their database), they struggled to engage and delight in a strategic way. 

First, there were multiple systems tangled together—like a ball of yarn that they weren’t quite sure how to unspool. 

Second, they had invested in HubSpot but weren’t using it for lead nurturing.


We decided to look for outside help to design and architect [our use of] HubSpot, mainly because the way our business model works is that we're highly transactional. And we really wanted to invest properly into the make sure it operates at the most optimal level possible.” - Jager F., CRO at GoSite



For as long as there wasn’t a defined system for lead nurturing in place, they would be hard-pressed to achieve their big visions of growth and service to local businesses.  

What they needed was a strategic architect to help design and facilitate their lead-to-customer journey. And that’s what they found in our team, Remotish. 


How do we maintain and manage that communication throughout the entire funnel once you're bringing on hundreds of thousands of customers a month? It is an extraordinarily challenging process. 


That was one of the major reasons why we went with HubSpot, and one of the major reasons why we actually chose the [Remotish] team...they brought that experience and professionalism to actually keep up with us—as we're somewhat audacious in how we approach our modeling and how fast we want to grow.” - Jager F.


The Solution: 100% HubSpot. 100% Flywheel. 

Initially, GoSite thought a separate and central database would be necessary, but with our guidance, they discovered that HubSpot could be the beating heart of their multiple systems; the center of their technical marketing universe.  

Because really, what can’t you do with HubSpot?

With its flexible API and extensive tracking capabilities, it was only natural that everything else got pulled into orbit around it.

In fact, with a little training and education, we helped GoSite eliminate other, extraneous systems while saving them time and money.  For example, we brought all their chat, CMS, ad management, A/B testing, and video hosting into HubSpot.

During this period, we were also cleaning up their database. It was in this initial foray that we struck gold. 

Or plutonium. Moon ore. Whatever it is that everyone’s trying to claim on the final frontier (a.k.a., digital marketing).

We had boldly gone where no sales rep apparently had, because in this initial clean-up stage, we stumbled on twenty-thousand untapped leads

Since they had only been using HubSpot for sales up until that point (and not tracking leads), GoSite had unwittingly built up a segment of their database that was primed for engagement. Many of these leads turned out to be Active Buyers. 

It was another instance of early GoSite excelling at the attract phase (having built up this portion of their database through ads alone) but not following up with the tools to engage and delight. 


Attract (1)


As the Spock to their Captain Kirk, we passed these SQLs off to the sales team. Meanwhile, we developed an automated, multi-layer educational funnel (see more: The Difference Engine) and enrolled the entire database—including the twenty-thousand "Forgottens."


(Behold, our CEO Nicole + Spock = SPOCKOLE).


The result was their most lucrative month yet. 


But Wait, There’s More: Conquering All in the Name of HubSpot  

While most of our efforts have been marketing-focused, we’ve helped optimize almost every facet of GoSite’s HubSpot system: 


  • HubSpot API. Intimately tethered GoSite’s own SaaS application into HubSpot (in addition to the third-party applications). We’re using the data to see how users are navigating around the software, and are beginning to tailor the content accordingly. 

  • HubSpot CMS. Transferred their website over to HubSpot and pulled in social. 

    • HubSpot Sales. Trained sales team to effectively use sales tools that exist, and helped their sales managers achieve an extremely detailed view of what the team is doing on a minute-to-minute basis.

    • HubSpot Service. Set up the knowledge center, chat, and ticket system so GoSite can approach service with the same intensity as marketing and sales.

  • HubSpot Ads. Helped them achieve full visibility on ad spend; to the point where we can distinguish which leads came from which ad campaigns.

  • HubSpot Reporting. Implemented a reporting add-on for more advanced visibility reports.

  • HubSpot Marketing. Deployed a complete marketing strategy aka The Difference Engine.


Call us a Jill-of-all-Trades agency, but if we could be masters of one thing it would be technical marketing. Lead gen and lead nurturing is our particular pride and joy, and we’ve developed our own HubSpot-inspired strategy for this. 


The Difference Engine


The Difference Engine 

Affectionately nicknamed the Difference Engine as a nod to Charles Babbage, forefather of computers, our signature strategy has played a key role in informing GoSite’s long-term nurturing campaign. 


We use: 

  • Topic clusters as SEO magnets
  • Social promotions 
  • Website popups 
  • Hero panels 
  • Email blasts to existing database
  • Automated email workflows triggered by conversion forms drive traffic directly to a top-of-funnel (TOFU) landing page where they’re encouraged to fill out a lead capture form in order to download a gated content offer. Usually an educational, awareness-based eBook. 

Trade us your valuable information for our valuable informationand bam, they’re enrolled into an automated workflow that drips nurturing emails. 

The content they requested is delivered, and subsequent offers try to get them to download a secondary middle-of-funnel (MOFU). For this consideration stage, our go-to format is a case study, as this allows us to demonstrate how a product or service solves their particular pain point. 


Human & Helpful

Image of Charles Babbage, an OG helpful human. Courtesy of Wikipedia.


Whereas the TOFU eBook addresses pain points in a broadstroke way, the MOFU is more targeted: It usually takes the form of a case study and illustrates how one of GoSite’s modules solves the pain point(s) discussed in the TOFU. 

And where the TOFU eBook has a trackable call-to-action button that leads to a MOFU landing page, the MOFU page has a call-to-action that leads to—you guessed it—the bottom-of-funnel (BOFU) landing page. At this decision level stage of the buyer’s journey, the CTA is something like ‘book a demo’ or ‘get a free consultation.’ For GoSite, this was ‘Create a Free Account.’

We also use automation to determine how these pages appear to a user. So, it’s tailored to them depending on where they’re coming from and where they are in their buyer’s journey. 


hubspot lead nurturing funnels-1


But it is possible that the lead can “fast track” themselves around the flywheel without ever leaving the website. When the form on the TOFU landing page is submitted, they’re rerouted to a “MOFU Thank You Page” that delivers the content and offers them the case study. If they download that, they’re sequenced to the BOFU Thank You Page, which has the case study download and a stronger CTA (e.g., “schedule demo,” “get a free trial,” or “download the app”).

We tailor-fit this strategy to GoSite by aligning each campaign with a different module of their product. Then, we snaked them together to create an automated, long-term nurturing strategy that looks like this: 

funnel snake


The result? Every campaign has no less than a 40% conversion rate between the TOFU and MOFU stages; in other words, 40% of those who download the TOFU guide go on to download the MOFU guide. 

Speaking of results...

Results: Show Us the Money  

A recap of our action items over the past year: 

  • Organized multiple systems by positioning HubSpot as the center of operations and built a technical infrastructure piece by piece: 
    • CRM
    • Marketing
    • Sales
    • Service 
    • CMS

  • Hooked GoSite’s product right into HubSpot via API for greater segmentation and personalization of content

  • Developed communication strategies that engage and delight the entire database 
    • Lead generation with educational guides like “3 Secrets to Supercharging Your Multi-location Business Online”
    • Lead nurturing with sequenced pathways and automated emails
    • Free Trial tutorials via emails/videos
    • Customer Onboarding and Retention 

  • Developed a mobile-first website that is optimized for traffic and conversions
  • Kicked off topical cluster blogging strategy that has 10x’d website impressions
  • Pulled PR and Media strategies into HubSpot with News Center on website
  • Supported a new RevOps model and trained the sales team

Tl;dr version: We layered on best technical marketing practices until we’ve arrived at an ecosystem that addresses every part of the flywheel.


increase in web traffic


“One of the huge surprises of the [Remotish] team was they brought this level of proactiveness. They weren't just a third party agency that was coming in and just doing a to-do list. 


They were actually coming in and strategically involved at our meetings; strategically working with the executive level; providing insight with their experience from growing other companies.” -- Jager F. 


So what does this all look like in numbers?


The part you've been reading for. Over the course of a year, Remotish:

  • Grew GoSite's active lead database by 348%. 
  • Developed funnel automations to accelerate the sales cycle from 45 days to 30 days.
  • Tripled sales velocity within forecasted CAC (Customer Acquisition Costs) thresholds. 
  • Influenced over $3 million in sales. 


It’s been a pretty exciting year for both GoSite and Remotish. Our CEO said it best: 

“We’ve been with GoSite since their seed round of funding led by The Cove Fund to their up and coming series A of investment—and can’t wait to see where the voyage will take them next.” - Nicole Peirera, CEO of Remotish

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