February 2020 HubSpot Product Updates

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If you use HubSpot, the monthly product updates are a must to keep track of, so you can stay up-to-date with all the new features, tools and changes to the platform.

Below we've recapped what's happened since January 27th, 2020.



HubSpot Product Updates

  • Simplify Your Automation by Consolidating Your Workflow Branches
  • Ensure Smooth Customer Experiences with Merged Contact Setting in Workflows
  • Top 55 PieSync Connectors are Now Listed in the App Marketplace
  • Manage Your Tasks on Mobile


Simplify Your Automation by Consolidating Your Workflow Branches

Workflow Branch_Hubspot Product Updates


THIS. IS. HUGE!!!!!!!!!!

The workflows and automation features in HubSpot have always been amazing and what makes the platform so powerful. Who doesn't like the idea of streamlining your business processes?! 

With that said, this has also always been a complicated feature in HubSpot, especially when you get into building many if/then branches. 

If you are familiar with this, then you'll know that previously, you had to create if/then branches one at a time, making your workflow visually hard to understand and easy to hit the 20-branch limit per workflow.

Well not anymore!

Now you can add multiple conditions to a single if/then step, so your workflow can take more than two paths from a single if/then action - saving you time and the confusion, as it's being displayed as a very organized visual now in the tool. 

To get started...go to Automation > Workflows:

  • Then within a workflow, create an if/then branch action
  • Give the branch a name, and create the if/then conditions
  • Then click 'Create another branch'
  • Repeat this until you've created all the conditions you need

Ensure Smooth Customer Experiences with Merged Contact Setting in Workflows

merged contact setting_hubspot product updates


Again workflows are HubSpot's automation wizard.

This is the secret sauce which we believe will improve your customer experiences with faster, personalized follow-up and outreach. 

This new workflow updates guarantees that merged contacts will be enrolled into the correct workflows.


To get started...go to Automation > Workflows:

  • The within a workflow, navigate to Settings
  • Then find 'When two contacts are merged should the newly created contact enroll in this workflow if they meet the trigger criteria?'
  • Your options will include:
    • No: means that no merged contacts will be enrolled if they meet the trigger criteria after they the merge
    • Yes (default): means all contacts and merges will be enrolled if they meet the criteria

Top 55 PieSync Connectors are Now Listed in the App Marketplace

PieSyncCollection_Hubspot Product Updates


If you don't already know... HubSpot has a App Marketplace comprised of over 400 third party software integrations to help you gain access to tools you might need to run your business that are not already built into HubSpot. 

And now, if you go to the Marketplace and still don't find what you are looking for, no worries, HubSpot has recently acquired PieSync!

PiSync is an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) that connects public APIs and hosted software platforms and now gives HubSpot the opportunity to give you a better experience by listing individual PieSync connectors on their own listing pages, not hidden behind a single app listing for PieSync like they were before. 

To get started...go to the App Marketplace:

  • Collections filter section on the left
  • Data Sync by PieSync collection
  • Click on that collection and browse all of the 55 PieSync connectors

Manage Your Tasks on Mobile


Need help streamlining your sales processes while on the road? 

HubSpot now allows you to manage your tasks on mobile, as this was previously only on desktop.

To get started...update to the latest version of the iOS or Android app:

  • Navigate to the tasks tab 
  • Access all the task queues you’ve setup on desktop directly from the mobile app
  • Filter your tasks by calls, emails and to-dos as well as access all your completed tasks
  • Tasks are now organized in straightforward headers (today, this week, this month, etc.) so you know what you need to get done next at a glance
  • Sort your tasks by "Due Date" or "Priority" so you see your most important tasks first


That concludes the recent February 2020 HubSpot Product Updates. 

Want to get caught up on previous updates? Here's a list from the past.

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