Everything You Need To Know About HubSpot CMS Pricing

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Did you know that the second page of Google is the best place to hide a body? 

No one will find it. Ever. 

Think about it: How often do you scroll past the first page of SERPs? 

That’s part of the challenge of content marketing, but there are all kinds of tools that can ease your passage from anonymity to a powerful online presence. The other challenge with content marketing is having to rely on developers and devs to help bring your visions to life. The HubSpot Content Management System (CMS) mediates the SEO struggle and takes the codependency out of your relationship with developers. 

As you might expect from a group of HubSpot consultants, we are huge fans of the HubSpot CMS. The many templates available make this even easier. But before we jump into templates, let’s take a look at just how powerful the HubSpot CMS is -- and how much it costs. 


HubSpot CMS

Hubspot CMS_Hubspot Templates


Its website and blogging capabilities are definitely a weapon against Internet obscurity. 

This first client started blogging twice a week in June (about nine months ago) and did some major website retooling. As a result: 

L2L Traffic


Here’s another client that started blogging daily back in September, about six months ago. (And then veered away from the SEO strategy, hence the recent drop):

GoSite traffic


Of course, you could do that with a platform other than HubSpot, but good ol’ HS makes it easy with all its SEO tools

Some of the major features are:  

  • Website creation 
  • Blog creation 
  • Landing page creation 
  • Smart content
  • On-page SEO 
  • Content strategy 
  • Marketplace 
  • File manager 
  • Domain manager 
  • Forms 
  • CTAs 
  • Leadflows 
  • Web analytics 
  • A/B testing 
  • Ad management 
  • Hosting


What sets the system apart, according to HubSpot (and we’ll vouch for this!) is: 

  • Speed. The system is built on a system that loads quickly on all devices. Additionally, there are a lot of mechanics they’ve implemented to reduce the loading time of coding and images. 
  • Security. Your site is secure. HubSpot has built a moat of firewalls and safeguards to protect your data from DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks and other bad guys.
  • Reliability. The system has also nailed the magical number of 99.999% uptime (as all good cloud software should, these days). That means you don’t have to worry about downtime, or what that downtime would cost you. 


HubSpot Templates 

Hubspot Template


One of my favorite things about HubSpot is that marketers don’t need developers to create their content.

Historically, we marketers have had these one-sided, co-dependent relationships with developers: We were the idea people, but needed the computer people to bring our ideas to life. We were like little creative barnacles that latched onto our devs. 

HubSpot empowers you to liberate yourself from the shackles of barnacle-dom. Step into your own power with templates. 

No developer. No designer. Just total control. Sweet, satisfying control. 

Templates control the functionality of a webpage, landing page, email, or blog. The general layout and style of any page can be attributed to the underlying template. Best of all, templates are made up of modules, and many templates will allow you to take a drag-and-drop approach to a page. 

That means you don’t have to do any of that weird <code></stuff>. And while you can rely on a developer and/or designer to bring your vision to life, you don’t have to thanks to the HubSpot Marketplace. The Marketplace has thousands of pre-made templates (and modules) ready to deploy.

You can filter templates by:

  • Category (blog, email, landing page, system page, template packs, or website page)
  • Price
  • Purpose
  • Layout
  • Features
  • Industry 
  • Provider (for fanboys of a particular company)

*Some of these are free, some of these are upwards of a thousand dollars. Check either the Free or Paid box depending on your needs. 

With that said, you can find some great templates for less than $20. There are also some much more expensive options. We’ve seen template packs around $2k. Which, if you’re building a website from scratch and actually want to save money, this is a great way to do it. 



When you take into account pricing, HubSpot CMS templates are a great solution for your blogging, website, and landing page needs. You can spend as much or as little money as you’d like, and have more control over your content than ever before! 

That wraps up our post on 'Everything You Need To Know About HubSpot CMS Pricing.'

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