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Every month, Remotish features one employee for a quick chat about HubSpot and life at home. We would like to introduce Stefan Lynton, People and Culture Strategist and family man.

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Robby: Hello, and welcome back to the Employee Spotlight. My name is Robby, and I'm a Digital Project Strategist here at Remotish. Today we are talking to our newest employee, Stefan Lynton, and Stefan is our People and Culture Strategist. And as a Remotish team member, this is such an important role for us. This is really a huge role for us, so we are super excited to have him on board. So Stephan, can you tell us a little bit about your role at Remotish? 

Stefan: Sure. Thanks, Robby. You know, like you mentioned, yeah, this is a brand new role at Remotish. I'll be taking quite a bit of a load off of Nicole and Jen, and allowing them to focus on other tasks that you know, can really move the company forward. So I'll be all about the people and an advocate for them. You know, and really even strengthening the employer brand that, you know, Nicole has created such a strong culture here within the organization, so I'm really excited that, you know, I've been brought in to help do that.

Robby: Yeah, I mean, culture is so important to us here at Remotish. We safeguard it, we're very protective over it. So we're very glad that you're here to, you know, help nurture that and carry it through to the next phases. So what does an average workday look like for you in your role? 

Stefan: So this is day 10 for me, so really still soaking everything in. I appreciate the onboarding plan that this company has implemented, which really allows the employees to ramp up and learn the Remotish. So I've been reviewing a lot of extensive documentation that's available to everyone. I've held one on ones with most of the team so far, which I really enjoyed getting to know, you know, everyone on a more personal level. You know, HubSpot certifications is a requirement here, and I appreciate that so that everyone is as educated in HubSpot, as you know, that is the way that we're working within that platform with all of our clients. So as of right now, that's kind of how my day-to-day has been. 

Robby: Excellent. And speaking of HubSpot, what is your favorite HubSpot tool or your favorite thing about it? 

Stefan: I think automation probably, obviously is a huge one, you know, allowing to create these tasks and an automated workflows that can be set and forget, you know, to really optimize someone's, you know, day to day. Also, I think that, you know, the HubSpot, you know, DB tool. Being, you know, that's being used today in, you know, Remotish's website with, say, the careers page, you know, being able to just toggle on and off job postings and not having to utilize an outside, you know, application tool and really using HubSpot to the full potential. You know, I like that a lot about, you know, how Remotish is using that tool. 


Robby: Absolutely fantastic. Now you are our People and Culture Strategist, so we have to get to know you as a person. So, switching gears a little bit, we've talked a little bit about work life. But let's talk about life, life. What is the best thing for you about remote life? You know, we're all passionate about being remote- it's in our name. We are Remotish and we were actually this way before COVID. So tell us what's important to you about that remote life? 

Stefan: You know, to me, it's the flexibility. By allowing the employees here to schedule their time around, you know, a working month rather than the typical working week where you know you're expected to work, you know, 40 hours or more. It's huge because it allows everyone to kind of work around appointments or unexpected events that come up and then have to, you know, make that time up throughout the month rather than in a week's time. So it really puts an emphasis on Work-Life Balance, which has become even more important in today's world. So to me, flexibility is this huge in just this remote life and culture. 

Robby: Absolutely, I think that's what draws a lot of people to Remotish. You know, we don't have the standard nine to five. We, you know, Nicole says during the interview process, we're about making work fit in our life, not our life, fit around work. You know, and we're all busy adults, you know, we've got lives outside of our, you know, our team. So yeah, it's it's fantastic. What blogs or podcasts or groups, what do you recommend to our readers and visitors to follow for some good information? 

Stefan: Yeah. So I'll be honest, I'm not as active as I like to be on LinkedIn, but I plan to change that as I'm onboarded into this role. I may be biased, but if you aren't following Nicole on LinkedIn, I'd say that's that's a must. I think she's got like close to 30,000 followers, which is just crazy, but she just has a lot of thought leadership around just her experience as an owner, you know, experience with HubSpot, et cetera. And you know, she's the person that drew me to apply for this position. I'd also say the HubSpot Agency Partner Facebook Group is a helpful tool as well just to bounce ideas off of, with other agencies. Maybe you need insight with a HubSpot tool you're dealing with just some challenges, and maybe another partner will have some insight on, you know, approaches you could take with errors that you're running into. So let's say those two things.

Robby: Fantastic. Yeah, I definitely follow Nicole, but I did not know about the agency partner Facebook group, I'm going to have to check that out. So, what do you do when you are not peopling and culturing for our team? You know, tell us what you do when you're not wearing your Remotish hat. 

Stefan: Yeah, I love spending time with my family. I'm married. I have a 13-year-old daughter, a seven-year-old son, and a four-year-old daughter, so there's never really a dull moment in our household. We also have a 12-year-old Jack Russell, who I'd say at this point in her life is perfectly content finding a spot in either my office or the bedroom to curl up and be left alone. So there's that and I enjoy watching sports. You know, I dabble in some Jackbox games with extended family members. I also enjoy playing some video games in my downtime. But yeah, family is a big thing for me. We've got, you know, I've got some a sibling that lives nearby in the area who's actually going to be moving around the corner from me. So we're excited to have her nearby. And, you know, my parents live in town, my in-laws nearby, so. Yeah, a lot of time with family. 

Robby: Fantastic, and as you know, we are very much pet friendly here at Remotish. I am surprised that my dog has not chimed in during our session today. So love to know that you got a little Jack Russell. Hopefully, we'll be seeing your pup on the website soon. 

Stefan: I think he's there already. 

Robby: So, well, nice. That's awesome. Yeah, I think when I started at Remotish, my dog Theo was up on the website before I was. So what is your personal motto or your mantra? 

Stefan: Yeah. So if you haven't checked out my About Me page on the Remotish website yet, I stated "the real competitive advantage in any business is one word only, which is people". So the employees are the internal customer. They're critical to the success of the business. So if the employees aren't treated well and you know you have unfit cultured team members, that's really going to trickle down to the external customers, which are important as well. But that affects the health of the business that affects, you know, revenue. Unhappy clients. So. That's really about the people. 

Robby: Absolutely, and I think, you know, now we're seeing such a huge cultural shift where, you know, employers can't get away with being bad to their people any longer. So, you know, definitely, I definitely agree with you there. It's good to see that the people are really companies are really starting to invest in their people. So very, very nice. All right. What is your guilty pleasure? 

Stefan: I love peanut butter. So peanut butter cups, Reese's sticks, I'd say. Also, nutty bars are a big go to for me, which brings back, you know, elementary, junior high, high school nostalgia with nutty bars. But I'd say those things. 

Robby: Very nice, very, very nice. I will tell you, I'm a big, a big fan of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. I pretty much always have them on hand at my place, so totally get it. All right, do you have any unique talents? 

Stefan: Um, I've always been a whistler, so I'd say I can whistle in a nice vibrato tone. I probably whistle too much around the house. But yeah, I'd say whistling just all whistle songs rather than sing them because I wouldn't say I'm a great singer. 

Robby: Oh, all right. Well, then I'm going to put you on the spot here. What's your best whistle and a nice vibrato tone? 

Stefan: Oh, OK. Look, I'm not going to go any longer than that.

Robby: Very nice, very nice. All right. Well, tell us, where do you live and why do you love living there? I know you just talked about family and how, you know, your family is all right around the corner. So tell us a little bit about where you live. 

Stefan: Yeah, I live in Katy, Texas, which is about 30 miles outside of Houston. Been here for almost 30 years. So, you know, it's just been close to family. They've never really lived out. My dad's still, you know, lives in the house that we grew up in here. So, yeah, like I mentioned earlier, you know, I think all of our family that we have in this area is about, you know, 20 minutes apart. So. I just love being, you know, close to the family here.

Robby: Very nice, very nice. Yeah, it's always great to live close to family. Personally, I moved away for a few years, but I ended up right back about two minutes away from my parents. So it's I understand the feeling of having family right around the corner. That's fantastic. 

Stefan: I don't love the heat, but it is what it is. 

Robby: Yup, Yup. You win some, you lose some. All right. Well, Stephon, with that, that concludes today's Employee Spotlight. I do want to thank our listeners and our readers for tuning in. Stefan, I also want to thank you for sharing your interesting professional journey and your fun facts with us today. Again, you're such a huge factor in the success of Remotish, so we're so glad that you're here. And you know, I think I can speak for the team when I say that we are just excited to see the impact you have on our organization.

Stefan: Thanks, Robby. I appreciate that. I'm super excited to be here as well. Appreciate the time to, you know, conduct this interview and hope everyone else enjoys listening in and reading so. Thank you. 

Robby: Absolutely. Well, if you enjoyed this interview, you can head over to remotish.agency and check the other Spotlight Interviews. These can be found by heading to the header of the website, clicking on the resources link, then clicking on the blog option. This will take you to a catalog of our blogs written by team members, including Employee Spotlights. Again, my name is Robby. That's it for today. Until next time, Happy HubSpotting!

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