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Every month, Remotish features one employee for a quick chat about HubSpot and life at home. As part of our Client Services team, we would like to introduce Camille Balhorn, HubSpot Strategist, and board game connoisseur.

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Robby: Hello, and welcome back to the Employee Spotlight. My name is Robby and I'm a digital project strategist here at Remotish. Today, we're talking to one of our newest employees, Camille Balhorn and Camille is one of our new HubSpot strategists. We are so excited to have you on board. Camille, welcome. 

Camille: Thank you, Robby.

Robby: Absolutely. So Camille, can you tell us a little bit about your role at Remotish? 

Camille: Yeah. So as a HubSpot strategist at Remotish, I work really closely with clients to make their HubSpot as excellent for them as possible. I really fit their business needs, so I help clients troubleshoot, translate their strategy to HubSpot group processes and train their team.

Robby: Yeah, that's fantastic. I mean, this role really plays such a vital part in the life of our clients, so very excited to have you on board. It's such an important position. So what does an average workday look like for you?

Camille: So I just started a couple of weeks ago, so we're just testing out the waters, but right now my constants are meditation and journaling before I start work to get my head right. Then I review the tasks and meetings I have that day and get to it. Of course, there are plenty of breaks in there to Slack with the team and walk my dog, Mika.

Robby: Love it, love it. Do you do bullet journaling by chance? 

Camille: I don't, I'm not artistic enough for that haha. 

Robby: I hear you. I'm not either, but I have a journal that I kind of do my own little version of bullet journaling in. But yes, starting off the day with meditation and journaling is absolutely essential. I'm on board for that. So what is your favorite HubSpot tool or your favorite thing about the system in general? 

Camille: I really like the workflows and automation options in HubSpot. I always say marketing itself can't be automated, but if you start to notice these processes that you're doing over and over and you can have the system do that for you. I think that's really, really cool. 

Robby: Absolutely, I love all of the automation tools in HubSpot. I'm a big workflow fan, anything that makes our lives a little easier, right? 

Camille: Heck, yeah.


Robby: Awesome. Well, we've talked a little bit about, you know, your work life and HubSpot, but let's talk a little bit more about you and about your life. So we want to get to know you outside of the Remotish walls. So what's the best thing about working remote for you? You know, we are passionate about it. It's in our name, obviously, and we've been passionate about it since the year before COVID. So, yeah, what do you love about remote life? 

Camille: I mean, what's not to love? Honestly, I definitely love the time flexibility, being able to work when it works for me and having that work-life balance. I also love not having a commute. I live in Minnesota and when it's really snowy in the winter, that certainly extends the commute. So being able to work from wherever is awesome. 

Robby:  Absolutely. I wholeheartedly agree. My commute is about 14 feet, and I love it. So what blogs or podcasts or any groups do you recommend to our readers or visitors to follow if they're wanting to learn more about marketing, HubSpot, or any of that? What are some of your favorites? 

Camille:  Yeah, well, actually, I speak French and one of our coworkers just shared a French HubSpot podcast with me. I don't know if that's applicable to everyone, but it's called (French title) Faut que ça close. So that one's fun. I also listen to some non-HubSpot podcasts like Lessons from a Quitter, which is an excellent mindset podcast kind of directed towards people who want to leave their current corporate job, but really applicable to everyone. And then Glennon Doyle and Brené Brown also have some good podcasts. 

Robby: That's awesome, I love that. I'm going to check out that podcast for sure. Not the French one. I do speak a little bit of French, but definitely not enough to handle a full podcast, but that's really awesome that you are fluent enough for that. That's fantastic. OK, so let's talk about you and your life outside of HubSpotting in Remotish. What's something that you like to do when you're not wearing your Remotish hat? 

Camille:  I really like to hang out with my partner and my dog, get outside, we cook good meals together, play board games, and I'm also in a phase of really loving yoga and pilates. It's just a really great mental and physical health combination. 

Robby: Awesome. What's your favorite board game? 

Camille: I really like Ticket to Ride. Have you heard of it? 

Robby: I have not.

Camille: It's various maps of the United States or other countries, and you build train tracks from one city to another and get points for as many tracks as you build.

Robby: Oh, that's really cool. OK, I'm going on the Amazon right after this session to buy that. So, fantastic. I love board games. Big, Big Fan. And a lot of members of the Remotish team are big fans of board games. We actually, during our December retreat, had a game night and we had a yoga session. We did Yin yoga and had a sound bath, and that was fantastic. So you definitely fit in great with the team. 

Camille: That's awesome! 

Robby: What's your personal motto or your mantra? 

Camille: I absolutely love quotes and mantras, so I'm sure this will not stay the same forever, but one that I like right now is "Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice". I just think it's so important to continually ground yourself and listen to yourself. 

Robby: I love that. I needed to hear that today. Thank you so much for sharing that. I'm going to write that down and that's going to be on my workspace. Thank you for that. 

Camille: I love it. 

Robby: All right. What's your guilty pleasure? 

Camille: Probably watching bad movies. I've taken some film classes where we critique and are very highbrow, but just watching those lowbrow films just for fun, even if they're terrible. Definitely guilty pleasure. 

Robby: Love it. What's your favorite? 

Camille: I couldn't say. Probably some of those, like early 2000's thrown together kind of films. 

Robby: Yep, I hear you. I'm a big movie fan. So do you have any unique talents? 

Camille: I do. I'd say I'm a really fast reader, especially if I am in a fiction book. I tell my partner about the plot and the characters, and before he knows it, I'm on to the next book and he has to relearn them. So just really diving into the book and reading fast, I suppose. 

Robby: Very nice. And now you've already kind of mentioned this, you live in Minnesota. But tell us where, how long you've lived in Minnesota, and why you love living there? 

Camille: Yes, I'm based in Minneapolis, in the Uptown area. Born and raised, grew up in the suburbs. And what I like about living here, I'll say the weather, which is funny, but having four seasons and then in the summer because we have such short amount of time of nice weather—everyone's outside going to the lakes and having a bunch of lakes around is definitely something I take for granted, but I love so. Excellent place to live. 

Robby: Yeah, now you are in the land of 10,000 lakes, but it's really more like 15, right? 

Camille: Yes, much more than 10,000. And yeah, just so commonplace in the Minnesotan lifestyle. 

Robby: Wow, that's crazy. I can't imagine that many lakes. Wow. Well, and I certainly would never have guessed anyone saying that they loved the weather there. Oh, so that's a new one for me. Well, is there anything else that you'd like to tell our listeners and readers about yourself? 

Camille: And not about myself, but I'll say, if you're considering applying to Remotish, definitely do it. Awesome company to work for. And if you're considering working with us, go for it as well! 

Robby: Absolutely. Absolutely, it is a great place to work, and, you know, we love our clients and we love being there for them and supportive to them, so well, that's going to conclude today's employee spotlight. I do want to thank all of our listeners and readers for tuning in. Also, I want to thank you, Camille, for sharing your story with us today. We are so thrilled to have you. You are going to make such a big impact on this team, and we're so excited to watch you start working with clients. 

Camille: Thanks, Robby. 

Robby: Awesome. All right. Well, if you've enjoyed this interview, you can head over to remotish.agency and check the other Employee Spotlight Interviews. These can be found by heading to the header of the website, clicking on the resources link, and then clicking on the blog option. This will take you to a catalog of our blogs written by team members, including our Employee Spotlights. Again, my name is Robby. That's it for today. Until next time, Happy Hubspotting

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