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We would like to introduce the newest member of our Client Services team, Ãndrea Peck, Client Services Manager and master dance instructor.

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Stefan: Hi everyone, welcome back to our employee spotlight. So once again, my name is Stefan. I'm the People and Culture Strategist here at Remotish and today we're talking to our newest employee, Ãndrea Peck and Ãndrea is our new Client Services Manager. We're super excited to have her on the team. So Ãndrea, can you tell us a little bit about your role here at Remotish?

Ãndrea: Sure, my role is Client Services Manager and I really think this, this role marries our mission and our vision together. So our mission at Remotish is that we empower organizations by digitizing manual revenue processes to accelerate growth. Our vision is putting traditional work ideas about how work is done to the ultimate test by creating people first work environments that grow valuing, valuing humans. So really, I make sure that the services we provide and deliver to clients are done efficiently and accurately by the team and offer the biggest value impact for our clients. But also, on the flip side of that, making sure capacity and workload for each team member fits the vision of removing traditional work ideas.

Stefan: Yeah, I love our new mission statement, I think this, you know, the role that you're playing is super important, kind of, you know, protecting the team, you know, empowering them, but also supporting them so that you aren't putting into these workload issues where they're just feeling burnt out. That's what we definitely want to avoid.

Ãndrea: Yeah, yes, I agree. And I think in agency life, that is something that's all too common around a lot of the people that work there is, is burnout.

Stefan: So true. So what would you say an average workday looks like for you?

Ãndrea: Well, right now, I'm still doing a lot of the onboarding tasks that are in progress, you know, the HubSpot certifications, meetings, shadowing calls or reviewing calls that were recorded, reviewing documents in our wiki and client wikis. So, really just still processing all of that information and now I would say end of last week, now in this week, I'm starting to get more involved in client projects, and seeing how all of the, the process and everything that we have really pulls through each individual task for each individual team member. So seeing how it all fits together is, is really the end goal for me at the end of the day.

Stefan: Yeah, and, and still giving you a sense of comfortability with just getting a handle on what that day to day looks like, you know our processes, learning the business and getting acclimated. So still giving you the, the ability to breathe, and learn and kind of soak it all in.

Ãndrea: Yeah, absolutely. I think speaking of what we were before, I think it's really easy when you start a new role or a new job, to feel burnt out with all of the onboarding stuff. But I have to say that things are in just the right cadence where I still feel engaged and challenged with some of the things that I'm learning, but I'm not feeling so overwhelmed that like, I'm ready to go, you know, at the end of the day and not want to think or not, not want to process some of the things that I learned. So kudos to you for, for building such a great onboarding program.

Stefan: Well, thank you. I can't take all the credit, I have to pass that along to Jen and Nicole. But yeah, I'm, I'm a huge fan of, of our onboarding process. So what would you say your favorite HubSpot tool is and maybe your favorite thing about it?

Ãndrea: Yeah, well, I think HubSpot, you know, has many tools that could be labeled my favorite, but I think overall, I love it when I can see clients have that aha moment. You can see that proverbial light bulb go off in their minds when they realize how much value HubSpot provides, and they get excited about the efficiencies and streamlined approach that will help them reach their goals. But I would have to say the most aha moments or those really excited moments happen with the drag and drop feature. I feel like that's always a crowd favorite. It makes it really simple for people to update things or move things around. Instead of having you know to click through a million different things just to set up something the way they, that you would like.

Stefan: Yeah, I think HubSpot did a really good job there with building out this platform where now they're making it easier for just say the everyday marketer to come in and make some changes that in the past would have required a developer and, you know, just clogs up the, you know, the process. Right?

Ãndrea: Yeah


Stefan: Alright. So we'll switch gears a little bit. I know we've talked a little bit about work life, let's talk about life life. You know, what is the best thing to you about remote life? You know, I think COVID has changed things a lot. So, you know, we were pretty passionate, even before COVID. But now we're kind of moving past it. You know, what do you enjoy about remote life?

Ãndrea: So I had worked remotely prior to coming to Remotish. And that was my first experience doing that. And I really wasn't sure what to expect. When I was first working in that way. I didn't think that I would like it, but I have really come to love it. I think it fits my personality and my lifestyle. And although it takes a lot of self discipline and willpower, not to only, to not only work from home, but to make sure that I'm not living at work. And I think for me, that was the biggest challenge to overcome was to truly, like, really unplug myself, when I needed the break, or at the end of my work day, instead of feeling like, Well, my computer's right here and this is where I normally work. So why don't I just get some more work done?

Stefan: Yeah, it definitely requires some balance there of, you know, turning it off and walking away, and telling yourself that the work will be there tomorrow. You know, it's obviously a lot easier to do that when you're going to an office because maybe you're just leaving your computer there. So you have no choice. But I agree. It does definitely take some self discipline.

Ãndrea: Yeah. But you know, more off of what you said, yes, that office provides maybe a little bit more space for you to unplug. But I feel like I gained so many other benefits by being able to work remotely, whether it be from my home, or you know, if I'm traveling or visiting family like I can still do my job from, from wherever I'm at. So to me that trade off is worth it.

Stefan: Totally. I would agree with you there too. What, what blogs, podcasts would you recommend our readers and visitors follow? Like maybe what are some of your favorites?

Ãndrea: Sure. Well, I love podcasts, self proclaimed podcast junkie. So I have lots of different ones that I subscribe to and listen to. But for work related stuff, especially when it has to do with HubSpot, I like to listen to "2Bob's" and "Agency Unfiltered". But non work related stuff, I do tend to listen to a bunch of true crime podcasts. So some of my favorites, there are "Crime and Sports" and "Small Town Murder". But I also really enjoy even like, the most mundane of things learning about so there's literally a podcast out there for everything. One of my favorites that is across the board with many different topics is one called "Time Suck". And yeah, I would say that those are ones I would recommend, depending on you know, what you're looking for out of it, whether it be more entertainment or more learning.

Stefan: Very cool, but I haven't heard of "2Bob’s". So I'll look into that one. But have you heard of or listen to "Serial"?

Ãndrea: Yes, I had. That was like so first season of "Serial". That was my baptism into podcasts, I guess like I was immediately hooked. But I enjoyed like NPR and even some of the NPR broadcasts that you would hear like "This American Life" on the radio, are now podcasts. So I was a fan of podcasts before they were even called podcasts because I liked stuff like that. But I like "2Bob's". I recently just got turned on to that by Ben on our team, actually. So he said that that was a good one to listen to. And of course, I binge it and devoured as quickly as I can because that's what I like to do. And they had a couple of really good episodes around clients and client services, which obviously for my role was, was a good fit to listen to.

Stefan: Awesome, I'll look into that. So you know, what do you do when you're not HubSpotting you know, tell us tell us a little bit about you know what you're doing, you know, in your free time when you're not wearing your Remotish hat.

Ãndrea: Sure. One major thing is that I've been a dance instructor for over 20 years now. It's a passion of mine, something I truly love. Something I've done, really since my childhood. I'm a postgraduate of Dance Masters of America's Teachers Training School and the Deputy Secretary for the Chapter Four here in Michigan. So during the dance season, which generally is usually from September until May, I'll teach three to four days a week. Right now in the summer, it's one or two days a week just because it's a little off, offseason, but it keeps me young and active and my students that know me by Miss Ãndrea. So I love being Miss Ãndrea to, to all of my students. But I also love spending time outdoors with my Beagle, Vinny. He will be seven next month, and I became his mom when I was still in law school. So people ask about his name. And I always ask if they've ever heard of the movie, "My Cousin Vinny". So that's where his name comes from. And he's the best dog in the world. Some other things I like to do is what we talked about with podcasts, like learning about all different kinds of mundane things. It doesn't take much to spark my interest or curiosity. And then I just like to learn it to the point of feeling like I know everything that I need to know about that. But then having the usual interests outside of work, family and friends, Summer in Michigan is the best. So you can probably find me by the water with a nice cold adult beverage.

Stefan: There you go. Well, I mean, that's pretty impressive with, you know, the amount of time that you've spent dancing, let alone, you know, kind of being a big deal with, you know, Dance Masters. So kudos to you, to kind of like sticking with that over.

Ãndrea: Yeah, thank you. And I think it's one of those things that I stuck with it, but it also stuck with me. So I feel that everybody has those things in life like they were meant to do or are meant to be. And I just, I truly believe that, that is something that has such meaning for me. And that's for a reason, because I'm supposed to be doing that. So I'm happy again, back into our culture and our work life, I'm happy that I have a job where I can really do both. And it really makes me I think, a complete well rounded individual, as well as employee.

Stefan: That's great. What would you say, is your personal motto or mantra? 

Ãndrea: So this was something I learned from a mentor of mine that I had way back when I was doing an internship for my undergrad. And she said that “I should never say no for someone”, meaning, if I don't ask the question, or I don't try to take you know, this step towards something, the answer will always be No. So if the answer is no, I'm in no different position than I am when I started, but you have way more of a chance of a yes or that opportunity to negotiate for that Yes or closer to it when you take that, that first step. And by like holding yourself back, you're really saying no, for every opportunity that comes your way.

Stefan: I feel like my kids may be embraced that. They probably always want me to say yes to everything, but I guess if they don't ask they'll never know. 

Ãndrea: Or it'll always be no and sometimes, you know, it's meant to be no, but like I said, it doesn't, it doesn't put you in any different position. You know, if they ask, Can I have a cookie? Well, no. Okay, well, I still don't have a cookie, but you might have said yes that I could have a cookie.

Stefan: Or it might be no no, no right now, but maybe later.

Ãndrea: Yeah, after dinner Yeah, after something.

Stefan: Well, I guess that's a good segue cookies, but you know, what's your, your guilty pleasure?

Ãndrea: I was really thinking about this because I was like, man, I aren't all pleasures in some kind of way guilty, all the little things that we like to do, but outside of my true crime, obsession, you know, between documentaries and podcasts, I came up with Kanye West. And I feel like that's a guilty pleasure because of, he has great music, but sometimes the things outside of that it's like, oh, I don't really want to say I like because it comes with all kinds of connotations. So, sometimes you know, that it's just a banger song, and I can't help but love it. 

Stefan: No, that's fair. It's like, I don't have to like his views, but I really enjoy his music. So yeah. That's great. You know, I probably know the answer to this, but we're gonna ask it anyways for all our listeners. But do you have a unique talent?

Ãndrea: Yeah, well, I already brought up dance. So I would say that that's pretty unique. That being said, probably the style of tap dancing is what most people find interesting. I think it's very well known, but you don't meet too many people who can do it or do it well. Let alone been teaching it for years. Plus, I really like, to me it's more methodical than other styles of dance. You know, there's for sure sounds that have to be made on certain counts and certain beats of music. And there's no other way to interpret that. Those are what the steps are, like there aren't, there are just many, I guess, creative liberties that are taken with it. But I'm also really great to have on your trivia team, because I do find so many different things interesting. So yeah, asked me to be on your team, but not on the other team. You won't want that.

Stefan: Yeah, all those mundane podcasts you listen to probably build up your trivia knowledge.

Ãndrea: Yes, it really does. That or like watching reruns of Jeopardy. Like, I am a nerd. I do that. And I was so excited when they put all of them on Netflix, and I totally binged them.

Stefan: My wife did the same thing. So you’ll get along.

Ãndrea: Yes. That's great.

Stefan: Well, I know you spoke to this earlier as well, but maybe kind of dive into a little bit more about where you live and why you love living there?

Ãndrea: Sure. So Michigan is known as the Great Lakes state here in the United States. It's surrounded by most of the Great Lakes, except for Lake Erie, which is over, you know, by New York, where our other teammate Matt lives. And I grew up in a really small town in northern lower Michigan. So if you're familiar with Michigan, we have, you know, the lower peninsula and the upper peninsula or what we call the “UP. I learned when I started going to school that people didn't know what that meant or had never heard of that before. So I really took for granted being from a small town the, the natural beauty that the state has to offer. You know, you just think I want to be somewhere different, but I really do love the water. I love, you know, being outdoors. So it's a great state to be in for that. I do however, have a love hate relationship with the snow and the ice once it gets cold that I am still yet to fully embrace.

Stefan: That's fair. Are you a water skier?

Ãndrea: I have been waterskiing. But I'd have to say my water activities are more on the leisurely side.

Stefan: Okay. All good. Well, you know, thank you for your time today that, that concludes today's employee spotlight. I want to thank all of our listeners for tuning in. I want to thank Ãndrea for, you know, sharing her story with us today.

Ãndrea: Yeah, thank you, Stefan. I appreciate your time and interest in getting to know me more.

Stefan: Absolutely. So if you all enjoyed this interview, you can head over to remotish.agency, you can also check out our other employee Spotlight Interviews there. These can be found by heading to the header of the website, clicking on the 'Resources' link, and then clicking on the 'Blog' option. And this will take you to a catalog of our blogs written by other team members, including all of our Employee Spotlights. So again, my name is Stefan. That's it for today. Until next time, happy HubSpotting!

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