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In this series, we are talking to Chief Martech Officer's experts about marketing, their careers, HubSpot, and life. Today we are introducing our founder and CEO: Nicole Pereira

Nicole is a multi-talented entrepreneur, HubSpot expert, and gamer girl. She has owned and operated multiple marketing agencies in her career which gave her a wide range of skills and expertise to start Chief Martech Officer. 


Feel free to read or listen to the interview below.

Work Life

What is your role at CMO?

Every day is different.

As the founder, CEO, lead strategist and one in charge... I'm doing a little bit of everything. Some days I'm talking to clients, some days I'm talking to the team as I support and help them grow.

From previous experience, I've found that if I know what it takes to wear every hat in the company, I'll have a general understanding of how it works. That way, when I do hire, and train someone to take over, I have an appreciation and ability to articulate expectations in those roles.

What is your favorite HubSpot tool?

I have to say the lead flows.

I think I've been quoted multiple times, and I continue to love the lead flows inside of HubSpot, which are basically the pop-up forms now.

It's the quickest and easiest way to get valuable lead generation for your website. You don't need a landing page, you just need a compelling offer for someone to give you their information.

In addition, a unique way to use pop-forms, is like a workflow, where it can leads people off to engage with something else, after they've received their initial offer. It could then trigger an email with a new offer, educational piece, etc. So at a micro level, it's like a little mini funnel, and you could get this launched in a fraction of the time. 

The best part is... with HubSpot they are FREE! For lead generation and nurturing, you can't really beat the value.

What’s the best thing about remote life?

I owned and operated a brick and mortar agency with about 20 people for 10 years. I would work all day, nine to five, or actually like, nine to seven or eight. Then I'd go home, I would work the night shift, because while in the office, I found that I needed to be there to guide, mentor, and help my team.

Since I was physically there, it was easy for everyone to come over and nudge me for an answer. I was always available when they needed me, even if it meant that I didn't get my work done. I'm a helpful person, so I contributed to the problem.

Once I started working remote, I realized that the space and freedom was really the missing piece in my life! Being remote has allowed me to have a little bit more control over the people I talk to, it's a little bit more thoughtful, purposeful, so we're not talking twice as long to say half as much, so I can also have a little bit more fluidity in my life.

Now, I'll work an hour or two, go to the grocery store, then I'll work a little bit more. I'll go do something with my kids, and because I am a night owl, I'll probably do the bulk of my actual sit down work in the evenings or weekends.

In addition, this schedule allows me to take more breaks and have vacations, as I can be anywhere on the planet and still stay in touch with my team.

And it goes beyond just being 'remote'.

It's flex time and having control over my schedule. The only limiting factor is meetings with clients who work nine to five, but we can control those times, by guiding our clients to book with us during specific days and times that suit everyone. 

So this beautiful merger happened for me when I discovered remote flex time. I became the happiest I've ever been because now work is not separate from life. My work is a part of me, but I don't want it to dominate me, so working remotely really let's me be more fluid in my day to day. And honestly, some days and weeks, I actually work more than I did before, but it feels so much more balanced.

What is your biggest achievement to date?

Personally, it would be my family, but I am also very dedicated to the growth and success of my employees and treat them like family as well. 

My next achievement is really my current agency, Chief Martech Officer. It took me seven years at my last agency, to do what I've just done in 10 months of this new business.

This was possible because the knowledge I obtained from that previous experience, put me in a position where I feel I have all the tools to take care of myself, my family and my career.

This has now accelerated my opportunity for success in anything I do, which is so important! And I invest in my team, so that they can have the same achievements as well.

What blogs, podcasts, groups would you recommend our readers follow?

About a decade ago, I got rid of all my friends and likes on Facebook and LinkedIn, and basically started only connecting and following pages that I had a professional interest in, and now they have both become places I go to get really great curated content.

Beyond that, I go to my Google News Feed, which basically shows me results related to topics I've searched for. I search a lot on my phone, so I get actually a lot of news there, and things that I wouldn't necessarily see in LinkedIn. This gives me an opportunity to use Google's AI, that's says "you might like this content", and it gives me an opportunity to find new content that I can share with my networks and gain knowledge from.

A decade ago I used books to learn, and today I really use blogs!

Videos are nice, and podcasts are great, but I'm usually multitasking, so quickly reading a blog in between the other things I'm doing works well for me.

I really appreciate when people have captions or subtitles on their videos because I usually don't have sound on my phone or my computer. So as I'm browsing on social media, if they have that, I'll watch it because then I could just read it without the sound, if not, they usually lose me, unfortunately.



Life Life

What do you do when you are not Hubspotting for our clients?

There's a little sleeping, a little bit of eating, spending time with my family and taking vacations.

I'm also an avid video gamer! So I make sure to decompress and have my video game time. Having a remote, flex time life really works well here because I can just sprinkle it in between other things. 

When friends are in town, I like to go to the spa to get facials and massages. I am definitely a facial girl! So pampering, gaming and family tend to be what fills the recesses around working.


What is your motto or personal mantra?

I heard a phrase a long time ago that I've always liked... “It’s nice to be important, but it's important to be nice."

In the journey for people to be well regarded, influencers or looked up to, they forget that they have to also be nice. And once they get there, they still have to be nice, because that's actually trading time knowledge and energy equality. I think that trumps the focus on being important.

I think the millennial generation is just starting to realize this. They are realizing the hustle, and the grind, and the do whatever it takes to get the top is not the way to go about it.

I truly believe that nice guys and gals can win, if you just pair your ambition with a thoughtful and kind approach to others.

What is your guilty pleasure?

I like Starbucks a lot!

I teeter on the fence almost every week about getting a Starbucks credit card (yes that's a thing), because they will give you coffee in return.

They just make my tuxedo mocha, no whip venti drink so perfectly, and I can't seem to find the right ratio of syrups and milk the way they do. There's pure magic going on. I am totally addicted to this one thing, and that's the same coffee I get whether it's ice blended or hot.

Do you have a unique talent?

I think strategy and forecasting, if that can be defined as a talent.

I've always been able to kind of see the moves ahead. Not because I am psychic, but there's patterns in the world, the way people behave, or the way business moves or how people make their decisions.

If you see the patterns that exists, you can forecast what's going to happen next. So forecasting and seeing ahead, because I’ve looked at enough patterns. I think that might just be what it is.

Where do you live and why do you love living there?

I live in Santee, California, which is east of San Diego County.

I like it here because it's very family oriented, safe, quite, a nice quality of living for the cost and I think it works well for someone like me working from home. I don't ever have airplanes or blaring music or any background noise getting in the way. 

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